Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Five Favs: Posts

Oh yeah, this one you have to work for... Which of your own blog posts are your favorites? If you choose to participate, please leave a comment so we can enjoy them with you.

Okay, here are mine:

First of all, from my "Colonel" series:

1. Water For Coffee
2. The Colonel Sells
3. Colonel and the Cold
4. So Long, Colonel

And finally, a personal accounting of our adoption:

5. We're Real Parents

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends! If a veteran asks me to buy a little red poppy, I am going to do it. I might even go tend to my grandparents' graves - take some flowers, pull weeds if necessary - these are things I know my grandmother would be doing.

I miss her terribly ♥.

FAVOR: Hi, again! Let me direct you to a BRAND NEW blogger - my friend (in real life!), Dimpledview. She just started her first blog, so meeting some great people would be a nice place to start, wouldn't it?

I just looked at ther blog and it looks like we're going to be hearing her RV adventures. Now, I have heard these first hand and can assure you...they are SO worth reading! She has two cute beagles and has become completely and totally smitten. It's bad. Not kind of bad, but BAD bad. You'll see! So click here and visit Ms. Dimples!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I miss the Colonel and his coffee----Lynda, I don't have any favorite posts of my own! I am too flaky to remember them!
I gotta check out your new friend....

Ronnica said...

I'm with Gary...I miss the Colonel. If your blog were a TV show, it'd be equivalent of writing off the comic relief. Oh well, at least you're a good blogger in your own right!

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