Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Colonel and The Cold

For those of you who haven't met "the Colonel," here's a very quick intro:

1. My coworker
2. Senior Sales Manager who couldn't sell peanuts to elephants
3. Makes coffee out of bathroom water
4. Had a stroke, discovered a hole in his heart, and has diverticulitis
5. Smokes like coal train against the strictest advice of his doctor.
6. Sends potential customer his "little package" - sometimes more than once.
7. Job is in jeopardy, but doesn't have a clue

Okay, you get the picture. He didn't come to work yesterday and didn't bother to call in until after 10:30am. Now, knowing he recently had a stroke, we were worried. We called him around 9:30am, but he didn't answer. When he called in later, he informed us he had a cold.

Oh, poor baby!! A COLD??? He drug his happy a$$ in this morning. No sniffing. No coughing (except for the occasional smoker's hack). Yeah, he's sick.

The bad part is he didn't bother to call in yesterday to corporate either. Now, I have to send a report in everyday letting them know if he comes to work or not.

I already have a kid I have to monitor. I hope we DO see Big Cheese at the end of the month.


Ronnica said...

But if the Colonel goes, what will you write about?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

that's true--if your daughter's school is working out nicely and the co. is gone, what then....? You could write about art and doggies!

Carmi said...

This is precisely why I hated working for Mother Corp. all those years ago. Inevitably, you'd cross paths with some moron who couldn't manage himself, and inevitably you'd end up with extra work to keep him between the lines.

Sorry for the extra weight on your shoulders. Ironically, the doof is probably completely clueless about the impact of his rank incompetence on others.

Veggie Mom said...

I think you need to give Big Cheese your blog address; specifically the posts you just cited. Tee-hee!

Kerrie said...

He's utterly clueless, isn't he..??

Sounds like he and his "little packages" are not long for this company.

In some macabre way I'm going to miss him if he is fired.

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