Friday, January 30, 2009

Holed Up

The Colonel is holed-up in his office. Door shut.

I hope he's alive, because there is no activity showing on the phones. AT ALL.

How Many Today?

The Colonel isn't here yet. Yesterday, he made ZERO calls!

Not what I would think is a good plan if the Big Cheese just told me I had to make 25 a day.

Don't forget you can have your chance to win my favorite print - I'll be drawing a name tonight. Just scroll down - you'll find a link. God knows I posted it enough.

Well, guess who arrived while I typing this? MmmmHmmmmmm

I ordered a beautiful mug and candle holder from my friend, Gary, potter extrordinaire! Why not check them out. You'll want one, too, I am sure.

There is a blog I just can't miss every day, Stretch Marks. Why not pop in and find out why?

Of course, all the blogs in my "Reads" and "Follows" lists are musts for me.

Never fear... we will be monitoring the Colonel and posting regularly on his progress (or lack of). After all, we have 90 days before the Cheese returns.

Oh! And I might get to hire another person (yea!) and I know her. That's good news!

For all that have asked, my darling child, Miss Priss, seems to be thriving in her new school. This may be the best thing we've ever done for the kid.

Of course, we haven't seen grades yet, but, Lord willing, and some effort on her part, it might just be okay.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drawing Tomorrow!

If you'd like to win one of my prints, click below:

Good luck!

It Just Doesn't End

The Colonel came in at 8:15am. He's been out for two smoke breaks... when he came back in he told Wendy he had to "do some work" and shut his door. Other than yesterday, his door has NEVER been shut.

So far, not ONE call has been made.

This is a trip.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay... door opens... they come out laughing.

Later, the Big Cheese asks us all to lunch. Everyone declines but me. Are you kidding? The sole owner of your company invites you to lunch and you decline??

Alright, so we're in the car and he says to me, "I had a talk with the Colonel. He has to make 25 calls a day and show me he is trying. I'll be back in 90 days."

In the almost-year I have been here, Big Cheese has only been here once. Today.

So, friends, we have at least 3 more months with the Colonel.

The Big Cheese is gone.

Is the Colonel on the phone? NO.

My stapler would be a better salesman.

Still In

They're still in there... I think there is some major sucking-up going on. I am wondering if the years together will keep the Cheese from setting the Colonel free.

That darn door is almost eavesdropping-proof, but bits and pieces come through...

The Door Is Shut

Gulp! The door is shut and the Big Cheese is in with the Colonel.

More as it transpires....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


There's a definite strain in the air here at my office. Quite frankly, I thought the Colonel got the heave-ho on the phone yesterday, but evidently not!

The Big Cheese arrival is within a matter of hours now.

It might be time for me to slink out for lunch.

Will keep you posted!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Colonel is Under Seige!

Happy Monday, Friends!

Yeah, right! It's Monday for Pete's sake! Who is Pete, anyway? And, why do some people care about Mike instead of Pete? I'm sticking with Pete - he works for me.

Well, I have mentioned that the Big Cheese said we might see him at the end of the month (big gulp for the Colonel!) and it's coming true. Big Cheese is flying in tomorrow afternoon. His plane arrives around 1:30pm, so he thinks he can be at the office before 5pm. I wish him good luck with that. I know he's from northern California and there's plenty of traffic in San Francisco, but he's flying into the Houston airport located on the far north side of town and our office is on the FAR west side of town, which, by the way, is the direction all afternoon traffic flows in this town.


Big Cheese has invited me, Wendy, and our spouses out to dinner tomorrow night. What we DON'T know is if the Colonel and wife are invited. I imagine they are, but the Colonel probably thinks he's the only one who is invited, so he's not talking.

Soooooooooooooooooooo......Wendy and I are trying to figure it out. We knew Big Cheese was royally pissed at the Colonel's lack of productivity (I'd be pissed, too!) and that he had told me we "might see him" at the end of the month. He's signed, sealed, and soon to be delivered. What we don't know is if there is a big, fat pink slip in his briefcase.

This is almost better than a soap opera, except in a very, tiny, small way, I feel sorry for our Colonel, but it's business (that sounds so Scrooge-ish, doesn't it?) and he is not helping our cause, but is truly a hindrance.

I hate having these mixed feelings. But, I acknowledge them and know everything WILL work out as it should.

Don't forget... you can win:

Friday, January 23, 2009


This is for the ladies... I just saw this. I need a box of Kleenex, but it's the good kind of crying.

Remember... you can win - click here:

Fun Friday

There are so many memes in the blogging universe, so why don't we just create our own for today?

Here we go:

1. Post the 3rd photo in the 3rd folder in your Pictures file.

2. Without telling us the title, what's the first line of your favorite book?

3. Have a celebrity crush? Who is it?

4. Look on your blogroll or your favorite blog list... who is #5 this moment and why are they on your list of favorites?

5. What is the one material item you really, really want?

6. Which is your favorite from this list? That clean baby smell, puppy bites, or lying in the grass just watching clouds float by?

7. In what sport would you like to excel?

8. Go to Google/Images and type in your pet's first name - post any photo on the first page of images. (If you don't have a pet, pick the name of any pet you know)

9. Translate and post this word into another language: Quirky

10. If you could have one do-over, what would it be?

So, I guess I'll give my own meme a go.... enjoy!

1. There is just no reasonable explanation for this - just enjoy it - haha!

2. "When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken at the elbow." Can you guess the book?

3. I could do some Sean Connery.

4. Hey! My number 5 this moment is the Gary Rith Pottery Blog! Why is it on my list? Oh you have to go check Gary out - his blog is a wonderful showcase for his beautiful pottery, but that's only one aspect of Gary - he is a loving husband, a great "dad" to his pets, a music fan, and just an all-around great guy! So, click on over and give Gary a visit!

5. I want a Vespa. I don't even know why.

6. Baby smell! (but puppy bites are a VERY close second!)

7. Surfing - no doubt about it.


You'd never figure it out from this... unless you know her...

9. Grillig (Dutch)

10. I'd probably do-over my college major.

That's a wrap for me! Remember... you can win - click here:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love Is Love When You Give It Away

On occasion, I have shared my artwork with those of you who happened to pop in and those of you who, to my amazement, continue to come back. So, I am going to share another with you today. This is entitled, "One Spirit," and was done a while back, but is my personal favorite.

This piece created itself. I started with a yellow background and smeared some dark red...each child flows into the other and each is of another ethnic background. Thus, connected and one spirit.

Isn't that the way it really is? Or how we should see one another?

I am continually amazed at how art truly creates itself...I feel like I am just a tool from which things flow once in a while. Of course, I know what I like isn't necessarily the cup of tea of another, but if you would like this print, I would love to share the love!

So, about now, you're wondering if I am going to ask you to post a notice on your blog, click your heels together three times, or enter more than once for more chances. Wrong-o! Leave me a message (include your email address so that I can contact you if you're the winner) and I will pick that winner on January 30th.

If you want to, tell me one of your Random Acts of Kindness - I could use some fresh ideas!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am so BUSY! Who cares? lol!

Although I posted about poetry yesterday, I did NOT miss the inauguration. And, I enjoyed every moment of it.

How about you??

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poetry Schmoetry

I know, I bet tons of you LOVE poetry. Some might even write it. I can't tell you how much it just does not appeal to me. Now, I am not saying that as someone who doesn't read, or hasn't explored vast amounts of poetry - I do, and I have! There are times when I walk into a library or bookstore and have a hard time deciding what I haven't read.

There are some poems I find touching or masterful, but overall, I just don't care for it. As the years have past, it seems what I do like (poetry-wise) are simple, silly poems. My favorite poet being Ogden Nash.

So for your reading pleasure, I bring you the following Ogden Nash poems:

The Lion

Oh, weep for Mr. and Mrs. Bryan!
He was eaten by a lion;
Following which, the lion's lioness
Up and swallowed Bryan's Bryaness.

The Hippopotamus

Behold the hippopotamus!
We laugh at how he looks to us,
And yet in moments dank and grim,
I wonder how we look to him.

Peace, peace, thou hippopotamus!
We really look all right to us,
As you no doubt delight the eye
Of other hippopotami.

Further Reflections On Parsley

Is gharsley.

More About People

When people aren't asking questions
They're making suggestions
And when they're not doing one of those
They're either looking over your shoulder or stepping on your toes
And then as if that weren't enough to annoy you
They employ you.
Anybody at leisure
Incurs everybody's displeasure.
It seems to be very irking
To people at work to see other people not working,
So they tell you that work is wonderful medicine,
Just look at Firestone and Ford and Edison,
And they lecture you till they're out of breath or something
And then if you don't succumb they starve you to death or something.
All of which results in a nasty quirk:
That if you don't want to work you have to work to earn enough money so that you won't have to work.

And my personal Ogden Nash favorite:

The Middle

When I remember bygone days
I think how evening follows morn;
So many I loved were not yet dead,
So many I love were not yet born.

And now my own creation:

Rhyme It

Every poem is made of lines,
But all the lines don't have to rhyme.
Deep and thoughtful,
Full of meaning,
Hidden symbols for the gleaning.

These are things that some poems do.
They make you work to get a clue.
"Forget all that!" is what I say...
Just lay it out there anyway.

Write it,
Rhyme it,
Be clever and funny.
Poems never make much money,
So make it catchy and full of wit
And we will learn it lickety-split!

Monday, January 19, 2009


As you may remember, I don't write political posts very often, and I am not sure this is exactly where this one is going, but since this historic inauguration is tomorrow, I'd thought I would throw in some of my thoughts today.

Tomorrow is a big day.

I am 50 years old. I grew up in the south. Or in that whole other world, Texas. But southern all the same. I remember black people being "negroes." My family wasn't racist - we never heard the "n" word in our house and we would have gotten a spanking for saying it, but we knew there was something different by how our neighbors or random people acted. Luckily for my siblings and I, our parents were young parents - they grew up in the 60s with us and we were expected to treat everyone with dignity and respect. A big portion of that thought pattern came from our religious/spiritual training as well.

I need to ask my mom and dad... don't know why I never did, but I remember us having African (yes, really from Africa) people stay with us, as well as Korean and Japanese. Perhaps it was some kind of church exchange or something of the sort. Okay, I digressed there....

But, where I intended to go is this. No matter who you voted for, tomorrow is a landmark day - this is momentous. And it shouldn't be. It's 2009 and we are acknowledging what a remarkable step it is that a black person has been elected president of the United States.

My coworker, Wendy, is a black woman. She's 60. I have never seen someone so excited to watch an inauguration. I wish I could tell you the respect I have for this woman - she is my work mentor. We were talking about this and she said she remembered when she was little that the old folks would tell them to never give up, do your best, you could be whatever you wanted - even the president of the United States! She said they didn't really believe that, but people said it anyway.

So, now it's true. It's happened and there's no turning back. I think it's a good thing. We are a country of immigrants and we have to stop deciding skin color determines who we are.

Who we ARE is who we are.

So prayers and wishes for Barak Obama as he starts this adventure. May his decisions benefit us all. May he represent our country with dignity. May this be a time of unity, not separation.

And may other little children of all colors see that their dreams are possible to reach.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tell Me Something Good!

The Colonel is out sick again. My new coworker, Wendy, doesn't work Fridays (she's part time).

That means I am here alone.

I like it.

So many of you are in the midst of some really cold weather right now, aren't you? I hate to tell you this, but it is absolutely gorgeous here today. It's 43 degrees, which isn't warm, but it's very sunny and clear. Sweatshirt weather. That's a good thing :-)

It looks like Miss Priss ran into something with her (read: MY) car. She's not talking. We, however, will be talking to her tonight! She doesn't know it yet, but she'll be clear when the talk is done.

Does this stress ever stop?? Holy cow, she's wearing us out! Thank God it's Friday. I need a nice, long nap.

Tell me something good. I want to hear YOUR good news, please!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've Gone Down (Under)

Why the heck am I playing Trivia in an Australian trivia room? I know - crazy, huh? Here I sit in Houston, Texas but have found a great trivia room online that is centered in Australia.

So, I am finding myself knowing what a monotreme is, where the Big Ant, Big Banana, and Big Chook (among others) are, and that Robert Menzies was the longest serving prime minister.

Are you wondering what a monotreme is about now? I know, you Australians (hi, Kerrie!) who pop in regularly have this down, but for those of us who don't, these are egg-laying mammals. Is that wild of what? Check out the echidna and platypus.

Oh, and the national flower is the Golden Wattle - very pretty, but not what I would have expected.

Forget squirrels - they don't have any. It's funny, I never thought about that before, but I do now.

Of course, I don't see any kangaroos or wallabies hopping around on the Gulf coast of Texas either.

Do you think I am going to tell you where to find this trivia room? No. More points for me.

Have a g'day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Out

Yep. Tapped out. Nothing to say. I don't remember being this busy at work in a long, long time.

Tell me something I don't know about you! Really, I mean it... I would like to know something about you I can't find on your blog. Ridden an elephant? Walked on hot coals? Written songs and had them published? Share! share!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Colonel and The Cold

For those of you who haven't met "the Colonel," here's a very quick intro:

1. My coworker
2. Senior Sales Manager who couldn't sell peanuts to elephants
3. Makes coffee out of bathroom water
4. Had a stroke, discovered a hole in his heart, and has diverticulitis
5. Smokes like coal train against the strictest advice of his doctor.
6. Sends potential customer his "little package" - sometimes more than once.
7. Job is in jeopardy, but doesn't have a clue

Okay, you get the picture. He didn't come to work yesterday and didn't bother to call in until after 10:30am. Now, knowing he recently had a stroke, we were worried. We called him around 9:30am, but he didn't answer. When he called in later, he informed us he had a cold.

Oh, poor baby!! A COLD??? He drug his happy a$$ in this morning. No sniffing. No coughing (except for the occasional smoker's hack). Yeah, he's sick.

The bad part is he didn't bother to call in yesterday to corporate either. Now, I have to send a report in everyday letting them know if he comes to work or not.

I already have a kid I have to monitor. I hope we DO see Big Cheese at the end of the month.

Monday, January 12, 2009


She LOVED her new school! There is absolutely ZERO homework. All work is done in class.

She knew a few kids there from her old school (good!). And here is the schedule:

Theater - 8 kids
US History - 11 kids (this is the largest class)
Math - 6 kids
English - 6 kids
Spanish II - 5 kids
Chemistry - 4 kids

I am so loving this.

Thanks for the well-wishes and good vibes. If you see my kid's name here or any mention of her at all, please send another of those great whammies her way.

Now, for something funny and totally unrelated. Can you identify with the International Symbol for Marriage?

Pins and Needles

The kiddo starts her new school today. In one hour.

The school said we didn't need to bring her - she could come on her own.

I am so nervous. I worry about everything. Will she really go? How will she do? Will she go again tomorrow?

The past history of school skipping has me on pins and needles.

I'm giving it up to God with thanks that what is right and good has already happened. Let it be so.

Friday, January 9, 2009


The charter school accepted Nicole - wooohooo!

We had to go through an interview process. It was a bit grueling for her, but it was a good experience.

Afterwards, we got to tour the new school. It took about 4 minutes - it's THAT small. I love it.

There is no time between classes like in the big schools. You walk out of one door into another. The classes are so small. There are two school sessions - mornings, which are 7:00am - 11:45am and 10:30am - 3:00pm - the last two classes of the first session overlap with the first two classes of the second session. Since Nicole will be in the second session, her first two classes should be the largest - possible 12 - 15 kids per class. After that, class size dwindles to 8 or less.

I am SO ready for this! I hope she thrives here.

Gotta' go to her current school today to withdraw her. It's kind of sad in a way. I wish she were a kid who could handle the bigger school - with a big prom, football games, clubs, and activities, but my child is too social for her own good and cannot handle peer pressure as well as we would like.

We're certain this is due to the circumstances of her background. If we could undo what happened to her prior to our adoption, I would move heaven and earth to make that happen - it colors the filters of her life - her choices, her feeling, her expectations.

We need emotional Windex.

But, but, but... we move forward. We pray. We do all we can to create new options and new filters.

More as we go!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, I think we're moving Miss Priss to a new school. We have an interview with a very, very small charter school in our area. My darling daughter has been attending a BIG high school of over 4000 students.

As many of you know, we adopted Nicole on her 14th birthday (she'll be 17 soon). The town she came from had a population of 900. This has been a big adjustment. She has done well until this year and things (including attitude, friend choices, etc...) have just not gone as well as they should.

The charter school has an enrollement of 10th - 12th of approximately 180. Class sizes will be 12 - 14 students. Doesn't that sound better? She's actually excited, but I am not sure she realizes what a big change this will be, BUT....her parents think it will be really GOOD for her.

So, please pray, send good vibes, cross your fingers, do the hokey pokey that the interview goes well today, because if it does, she could potentially start at the new school MONDAY!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thin Ice

The Colonel is on thin ice and doesn't know it.

As many of you may remember, the Colonel is our senior sales rep. He is probably the absolutely worst salesperson on the face of the earth. It's about 10am here right now and he's made 2 calls. Yesterday, he made several. One person called back and he pranced around the office talking about how he got "a live one."

He sent the "live one" his "little package." I know. Don't get me started on the package.

So, why is he on thin ice? Our Big Cheese called me today and wanted to know if the Colonel had been on the phone today. At that point, I said he hadn't (the 2 calls were after this).

Big Cheese said we might just see him at the end of the month.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tooooosday or T-chewsday?


What a weird word, isn't it? Tuesday. According to Wikipedia (and we all know this is the font of online knowledge), this word comes from Middle English Tiwesday, which came from Old English, Tiwes daeg, named after the Nordic god, Tyr, who is the equivalent of the Roman war god, Mars, or the Greek god, Ares.

Do you ever wonder who sat around thinking up weekday names?

So, perhaps today is a good day for a battle?

Don't get me started on Wednesday!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I have heard that word twice in one day. Once was one of my daughter's friends talking about wanting to be emancipated from her parents because they are "stupid."

In the 10 minutes I was around her mom, I would have to agree with that one.

The other was overhearing a police officer saying parents can have their teens (16 and over) emancipated.

I love the police.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Holy cow! A new year and I am so busy at work, I can barely find time to type this sentence, but here it is in all its glory :-)

Okay, from the time I typed the sentence above, an hour and 45 minutes have lapsed.

Daughter update: Nicole has "broken up" with her newest best friends - Brent and Kasey. Seems Nicole's name "was coming out of their mouths." That's not good.

Nicole was friends with Kasey before Brent ever met her. Nicole was friends with Brent before Kasey ever met him. Brent is gay. Nice boy, really, and always polite, etc... (a little Eddie Haskell-ish, but not as bad) and Kasey was an okay girl. Well, Brent's gay girl friends came for a visit from Louisiana (Nicole was out of town on a church trip when this happened) and Kasey fell "in love" with one of the girls. Kasey decided to "come out" as bi that weekend.

Just reading that wears me out.

Needless to say, with Brent and Kasey having a common "gay bond" they are becoming closer and closer friends which excludes my kid.

Okay, (breathe, Lynda) so Nicole is reconnecting with her old best friends (whom I love!) and I couldn't be happier. The new boy is still in the picture - he's very nice - wholesome (looking). He has a little job at a golf course, drives, and polite. They are still "going slow."

Different subject: looks like the girls are all wanting to dye their hair. No blue, purple, etc....

Back to work!


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