Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Cool Thing

Once, a long time ago...I posted One Cool Thing about my adventure with the Amish.

Reflecting on my life, it seems to be very "normal" and average, but every now and again, something pretty darn cool comes along.

Like what, you might wonder? Well, soon as I said that, I stumped myself. Here are some cool things I have done or are part of who I am:

Climbed Mayan pyramids (do it once, not twelve times!).
Ridden an elephant.
Been in a submerged, moving submarine.

Met an amazing amount of celebrities... I don't even know why... here are some: Jack Nicholson, Davy Jones (oh yeah, that one! - Mickey Dolenz, too), Wayne Rogers, Lyle Lovett, Dr. Phil, Carly Simon, Shirley McLaine, Eartha Kitt, Dusty Hill (ZZ Top), and more...

Burned down a house and learned how to put it out from some volunteer firefighters.
Made candy from maple syrup tapped right out of a tree.
Am a seventh generation Texan on one side and 2nd generation American on the other (Cayman Islands).

Made a record (yes, a vinyl one) with a small group of people. We won't discuss that.

Spent the night in the "House of the Rising Sun" and I don't even like that song.

I can take you to the nose cone of the Hindenburg... oh yeah, it's in a neighborhood not far from me - basically hanging like a birdbath.

What about you??

New Digs

My new office is getting nicer and nicer... the painters finished up today... the baseboards are spotless and any touch-ups that needed doing are done.

Some guys are hanging up shelves in our stockroom right now. Only one thing left... the blinds in my office won't close and the sun is intense! They are going to be replaced today.

My little fake fish is back in the water and looking happy.

This just leaves pictures to be hung. Since we're newly painted, we can't bear the thought of putting nails in the wall. Well, we can bear the thought of nailing - it's the hanging crooked and rehanging.

I gave away one of my bookshelves to a coworker, and quite truthfully, I want it back, but just couldn't do that to her - she loves it.

Well... better go get some more coffee in my beautiful heart-shaped mug made by my pal, Gary. I dont' know why, but it tasted better in this mug more than any other I have used. I think the secret is in the glaze.

Maybe that's why donuts are so good??

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not The Best

..of weekends, but, thankfully, it's over. I don't really want to go into great detail, but let's just say Miss Priss had a meltdown on Friday. Basically, she just didn't her way.

Unfortunately, we have discovered this child may need some assistance in handling her anger. God bless her...she's a trial, but we love her. It's hard to know what you will face when you adopt a teen. We're finding out.

Now on to other news... I've moved into my new office. Goodness! I absolutely LOVE it. The painter is right behind me this very moment, so I need to sign off for now.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

World's Worst Movers and One Fake Fish

Oh yes, it's true. We're moving offices on Sunday. Have we packed anything? Not ONE thing.

Nothing like procrastinating!

The movers said they could move our desks with stuff in them, so... what's the rush?

Pictures still on the walls? MmmmHmmmm. Stockroom still ungathered? Yep!

We're only going about 50 feet down the hall, but it might be a good idea to put our knick-knacks, etc... in a box. Guess that will happen Friday afternoon.. after we decide to find a box or two.

Did I tell you I had a fish in my office? It's not real! I might find a camera and take a photo for you. I bought him at a craft show. The woman bought these fish in Murano (Italy) while on a trip... I think it's a great idea. I have a "pet" at work and he never needs feeding.

Plus, he's really quiet.

Life is good.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I seem to be talking about how sleepy I am lately... what's up with that?

Last night, I took a nap before I went to bed. That's just crazy, isn't it?

Nicole wasn't home from "chilling" with her friends. Jerry was watching an Andy Griffith rerun. The dogs were sleepy, too, so we just took a little nap around 7pm - me, Gordy, and Georgi.

I think I am liking this nap before bed thing. I might try it again.

Do you do anything weird like this?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Seinfeld Post (Nothing)

This is one of those days... one of the days when I don't have a clue about what to post.

Quite frankly, I am sleepy.

I just stayed up too late last night... well, and the night before as well.

It wasn't too long ago that I was talking about being a night owl. That's true, but it's hard to be a night owl when you have to get up early.

Oh! Work news to share... I am now the "Operations Supervisor." I got a promotion and nobody let me in on that secret. Aha! The power...bwhahahahahaha!

Too bad the Colonel isn't still here - it would've eaten him up from the inside out.

We relocate to a new office (on the same floor) this coming weekend... I get a GREAT BIG office just for me....am planning to have a sofa in there... perfect for naps! We're really excited about the move... more space for each of us... a new start. Our place now is fine, but the new one has so much more to offer.

Well, I've rambled enough for today... I think I will just enjoy visiting YOU today!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break is Over!


I know... aren't I horrible? I couldn't be more happy that Spring Break is over.

I love school.

Sure wish it was in session year round.

The Manipulator had her boyfriend over for the day this past Saturday. I talked to the mom prior to the exchange of children... we agreed... there would be NO spending the night of Brandon with one of Nicole's guy friends. That is a big, fat negatory.

The deal was... Brandon could hang out till 9pm, then I would take him all the way home... and, people, he lives an HOUR away.

At, 8:45pm, they call and want more time. I gave them 20 minutes.

Left the house at 9:20pm and got home at 11:30pm.

Sheesh - the things I do for this kid! *wink*

They are already plotting for next weekend. Wonder what that will bring??

I need a nap.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's New... Who Knew?

Untitled and possibly unfinished....
This is the first thing I have done in approximately three years.
Feels like it's time to start letting the flow....well....flow.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh yes, THIS is what my darling child aka The Manipulator chose to get with her birthday money.

Having shared this info with my pal, Gary, he posted a photo of his boots and his wife's boots. Never thought some Yankeefied New Yorkers would be so country *wink*... and, he also shared a fine George Strait tune. Can't get much better.... Unless, of course, you think, that Mr. Adkins is just too darned hot.

There, I said it...

Yep... I'd like some of that!

Score One For The Moms!

The plot thickens and turns in my direction...

I called Brandon's mom... we were to meet halfway and I would bring Brandon to our side of town. Brandon was to spend the night with Josh. Well, after talking to Brandon's mom, she said she talked to Josh's dad to confirm Brandon could stay the night. She doesn't know Josh or his family.

Well, guess who doesn't have a dad in his life? That's right, Josh! They almost pulled to wool over our eyes. Soooo, the kids said the "dad" that called was Josh's mother's fiancee... are you following??

Brandon's mom and I both thought this was extremely fishy, so she insisted on talking to Josh's mother. Seems Josh's mom doesn't have a fiancee or even someone she's dating. Josh's mom kiboshed the plan.

Uh-oh. No spending the night.

Devastation reigned. In two households.

Teens in heat!

Today is Nicole's 17th birthday. If only her boyfriend could spend it with her. Sigh. Misery.

Of course, she's going to the rodeo tonight to see Taylor Swift. Guess that will balance it out a bit.

If only....sigh... Brandon could go. Sigh.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It hasn't started yet, but it's coming... the kid will begin manipulation tactics today. Her boyfriend, that lives across town (and I mean ACROSS town - over an hour or more away), has been invited to "spend the night" with another friend on our side of town. Wonder who manipulated that??

Of course, the boyfriend, Brandon, doesn't have a car. So, he can't drive over. The manipulated friend who is doing the inviting doesn't have a car. My child, aka The Manipulator, does.

Problem here is she knows she is NOT allowed to drive across town... even though she has already done it once... sneakily. Not sneaklily enough - she got caught and in trouble.

So, The Manipulator comes to me to tell me how Brandon was invited to spend the night with Josh... maybe even two nights. But, how will he get there??? My answer was... doesn't he have parents??

Seems to me if Josh is doing the inviting, shouldn't he worry about picking up his own guest? Of course not! He's just being manipulated.

The Manipulator turns 17 tomorrow. I told her if Brandon's folks would meet halfway, I would consider going that far. Doubt this will happen.

She doesn't know I still have Brandon's mother's phone number... bwahahahahah!

She will need years of practice to beat me at this game...but she might wear me down before she gets there.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What a day! I feel like I have been in a tornado the entire time I have been at work.

Wonder if I'll end up in Oz??

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good Drunk or Bad Drunk?

St. Patrick's Day! There was time... a long time ago... that Jerry and I would hit Irish pubs and party until we just couldn't party anymore.

In fact, I think the last time I got ill due to overindulging in green drinks was at an Irish pub.

I can assure you, that will probably never happen again. But, at the time, it was fun and okay.

Drinking is something I rarely do now. No particular reason... I just don't, however, to be completely truthful, I am a good drinker. Meaning, if I have too much, I just get realllllllly friendly and nice. No, I don't mean like that!

You know how some people get weepy and cry all over everyone? or act just plain stupid? or want to talk about lost loves? not me... I'm your new best friend... we'll have ALL kinds of fun and everyone is welcome to participate!

What about you???

Monday, March 16, 2009

Never Again

Mark my words... I will never, ever, EVER chaperone a whole host of teenagers again.

Whew! It will wear you out.

I had 5 boys and 4 girls... one poor boy was not "partnered up," but he's the oldest and was basically everyone's "big brother."

There was a LOT of snuggling, cuddling, and kissing going on. I felt like mega-bitch...stop that, behave, get off that bed, nobody under blankets, etc.... the hardest part was getting the girls into a separate room every night. They tried to wear me down so that I would fall asleep before they did, but, unfortunately for them, it didn't happen. So, they'd come in the girl's room, I'd lock the door... they'd talk and giggle for an hour or more...then the texting would commence.

Guess who they were texting? The boys in the next room, of course.

Finally, they'd lie down and immediately drop into deep sleep.

Then, morning came and it started all over again....

I couldn't be more grateful to be at work.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eye Of The Storm

Making a rare weekend check-in... as you know from my previous post, I am in Galveston, TX with (ok, hold on) 9 (yes, 9!) teenagers.

I made it through last night with no troubles.

There is only one word I can use to describe these kids, though - hormonal!

If nothing else, I have learned one thing... my daughter's not going ANYWHERE in mixed company without being chaperoned. Until, of course, she's completely self-sufficient and that will probably be at age 35.

While they are all really nice kids, they're just, how can I put this delicately.... lustful.

I cannot wait for Courtney's mom to get here. She should be here in about 2 hours.


Friday, March 13, 2009

To The Beach

People, please keep me in your thoughts... I am off to Galveston this afternoon with 4 girls and 4 boys. For 2 nights!

Thank goodness another mom will be joining me tomorrow.

At 50 years old, I don't know if I still have the stamina to keep up with these hormone-laden creatures.

The bad part is I had to be in the office at 7:00am today, which means I got less sleep, will be more tired, and have to be a monitor until the wee hours of the morning. Yikes!

Plus, to top it all off, we're having record lows for this time of year. Right this moment, it's 45 degrees and that's the predicted high for the day. Luckily, it's supposed to be 54 in Galveston.

There won't be any swimming going on.

I am interested in getting down there to see the after-effects of Hurricane Ike - it was really devastating to the island. They've done a massive amount of clean-up, but I hear there are parts that are still bad.

On the Bolivar peninsula (a ferry ride away), it is complete devastation. Just heard on the radio this morning that some of the main roads are still being cleared and repaired. Ike was 8 months ago.

I'm rambling now, but thinking about this is bittersweet in a way. My great-grandmother had a beach house on the peninsula where I spent every summer of my childhood (until I was 17). It's just gone.

I miss it and I miss her.

So, I'll loop back around and ask you to send some good vibes my way!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Album Cover

Surfing through the ethos of the internet, I stumbled across this little exercise... it's my imaginary first album. So, without further ado, may I present:

Maybe you would like to see what your first album would look like... here's how you do it:

Creating your Album:

1 - Click HERE The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Click HERE The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Click HERE The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use Photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5 - Don't cheat!

Have a great day... are you humming my title song?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Staying Awake

I have been staying up LATE lately...

Basically, I am a night owl, but have this one little thing that makes that not really feasible - a job!

How about you? Are you a morning person or a night owl like me?


The winner of my Spring Fling giveaway is none other than Dina of Walking Within the Spiral!

I'll be contacting you, Dina - congrats!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SITS Spring Fling!

I almost forgot that today was the SITS Spring Fling - what was I thinking??

What is SITS? The Secret Is In The Sauce... in their own words:

The Secret to Success is Support.

Welcome to the Sitstahood! We are a group of bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments.

Whether you are new to blogging and looking for blogs to read, or a veteran looking to expand your readership,SITS is for you!

So, today is our Spring Fling... go check it out! There are prizes to be found EVERYWHERE - including here!

What can you win from me?

This print of one of my pieces of artwork. How do you win? Easy! Leave a comment for one entry... or Follow Me and receive 5 entries. That's it! Now scoot on over to SITS and join in!

Have a FANTASTIC day!!

More Addictions

I gave you five a few days ago, but left off cranberry bagels.

Oh yeah, I think I am becoming addicted to cranberry bagels in the morning. I stop on my way to work and get one with a big, hot cup of coffee full of Half & Half.

So much for counting calories.

I think the coffee is just a way to get more Half & Half.

And dairy makes me sneeze. Thank goodness, it doesn't last too long. I'd have to quit.

Do you have a favorite breakfast item??

Monday, March 9, 2009

Rodeo, Teen Idols, and More...

Yesterday, my daughter got invited to bring a friend and go to the rodeo. So, you're probably thinking....hmmm... a rodeo. But, we're not talking just any rodeo, we're talking the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo - the biggest rodeo on the planet. It's a big deal in Houston - lasts for a couple of weeks and tons of big-name stars.

Okay, so why is this a big deal? Well, guess who was the entertainment yesterday?? Sit down, calm your hearts... The Jonas Brothers...gasp! oh my! (unfortunately, this mom doesn't know a thing about them!)

So, if you happen to have rodeo connections, you can find a way to get in... oh yes, you can get in. You won't have a seat, but, you will be in THE VERY SAME ROOM as one of your teen idols and that is just what happened. They got in, they stood, they sang, and they left happy. The tickets had sold out in approximately 15 minutes when they went on sale the month prior, so to get in was a big, big deal.

Luckily, for my teen, her uncle happens to be another rodeo connection for her and she and the same friend will be getting in to see Taylor Swift, too. They might be standing, but I don't think they care.

The plan for Taylor Swift is... all the girls will wear sundresses and cowboy boots. Oooooookay!

Yesterday, when Nicole was getting ready for The Jonas Brothers, she changed clothes about 12 times. She said, "Mom, what if I happen to meet one of them?"

What you wear DOES matter ;-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going For It

Once in a while, someone has a contest on their blog that I realllllllllllllllly want to win. Well, there's one going on right now and I'm going for it.

Now, I could tell you people where and what it is, but, truthfully, that would limit my chances and I'm not prepared to just HAND it to you.

Look through my "Reads" over there on the right... check those peeps out... one of them (maybe more) is having this great giveaway. It's art, it's original, and you can watch the progression - is that cool or what?

I know my pal, Gary, is trying to win this, too, but I have some bitter news for him...bwahahahahahahhahahahahah! It's mine, Gary, mine!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Things People Choose

Sometimes I have people request to use my images... for the oddest things... work seminars, CDs, concerts, flyers, and such. For some reason, the one below is requested most. Go figure. I did it AGES ago and it looks so "not right" to me - meaning, I see so many things I could've done better.


I've been posting more about all this lately... maybe I am about to get the bug again... I kind of hope so... about ready to start being creative artistically again.... maybe all my creative energy has been going to a soon-to-be seventeen year old.

Speaking of my child...yesterday, she looks me in the face with these great big green eyes and says, "Mom, I don't want you to judge me, but I want to try some 'shrooms."

So, when I could lift my jaw back up, I say, "MUSHrooms??"

She says, "They're not illegal, Mom, they grow in the ground."

Well, you can imagine the rest of the conversation.... and now you know why my creativity is sapped. My kid tells me WAY more than I would've ever told my parents....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Addicted? Who, Me?

So, my friend, Wheezer, tagged me! I am to list 5 things I am addicted to. Five is a small list, so I think I can make that happen. I'm not, however, tagging anyone else - if you want to play, play. So, here we go:

1. Trivia. I can't help it. I am utterly addicted to playing online trivia. If you need an answer to some weird, random question, don't hesitate to ask - I might know.

2. Pottery by Gary. Oh yeah, just take a look at my latest acquisition. Gorgeous, isn't it? Well, one is gorgeous, the others are cute and funny!

3. Asparagus and Avacados. I know, you're thinking, "You're addicted to asparagus and avacados?" Well, I'm not saying I eat them together, or every day, but... I really believe asparagus is the "king of vegetables" - oh yes, the spears are really crowns! And avacados? Don't get me started. Let's just say these would both be on my last meal request if I happened to be on death row.

4. Reading. I know, boring, huh? But I love it. If I am reincarnated, I hope I come back as a bookstore owner. I'm just going to sit on a stool reading and pointing people toward non-fiction, humor, self-help, and whatever else they're looking to find.

5. Art. Love it. Gotta' draw, gotta' paint, gotta' do some graphics. I've let this wane a bit since we adopted Nicole, but it's a passion I can't quell (good word, huh?). I am starting to feel the desire to get back in. For me, it's almost meditation... I get tunnel-vision and the rest of the world disappears while I am creating. How about the rest of you artists - are you like me - do you feel like the work just flows through you or do you really create it? I can NOT create anything - it always feels like it passes through, but the weird thing is that almost everything I do is of a person, a face.... I couldn't paint a giraffe or horse or house if I wanted to.

That's five!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And She Was

she began to rise

like a movie

There are times when a song will grab me and not let go. Oh, it can be an old song that does it. My work posted above is of two images that flowed through while I was addicted to the Talking Head's, And She Was....
Don't get me started on U2's Mysterious Ways...

After the Colonel

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

My pal, Gary, wanted an update of life after the Colonel. You know I can't ignore a request from Gary. I mean, really, anyone who'll make me a batch of shiny, crabby clams cannot be ignored!

You all know the day the Colonel was handed his pink slip was a little anti-climatic. He came, received the news, took his chair, his honorary Colonelship certificate, and some various odds and ends and, well, split.

The only Colonel-related drama afterwards was the day his wife came to the office to return a couple of company-related items he had. Mrs. Colonel showed up while I was on the phone. Kaye opened the door, but she wouldn't speak to Kaye... she just marched right into my office and slapped all the items on my desk and huffed out!

So, what's it like now? Heaven. We decided we'd have casual day every day. Why? Because the Big Cheese is in California and we're not telling. Oh yeah, heaven on earth.

Now, for Gary again.... I think you were really looking for this:

Peace, Love, and You-Know-Who!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weather and Accents

It's a gorgeous day today! The sun is shining - at this moment, it's about 52F, but by mid-afternoon, it should be 70 and perfect. We don't get these perfect days too often, so it sure is nice when they show up.

I know, I know... a lot of you are freezing right now, but we don't get much cool weather, so any at all is sooooo nice.

In my work, I talk to people all around the country and get to experience a whole host of accents. Just this morning, I have spoken to someone in Plymouth, MA...he said something about a snow plow and I thought, sure as I am sitting here, he mentioned a snow bomb. I asked him why he was getting a snow bomb and he cracked up.

After that, it was a call to Atlanta...I could understand these fine folks :-)

One more to southern Louisiana. My Cajun friends...I have to come to love that accent.

Goodness! I started typing this hours ago... I am busy, busy, busy! Gotta' call Pennsylvania and Kentucky now... more later :-)

Monday, March 2, 2009


I mean, Y'ALL....if you lived in Texas, you'd know what I mean here by just saying this. But, y'all! Lizzy has the craziest giveaway going on right now. I am speechless, but admire her nerve!

Check it out and let me know... did you enter??

All I can say is, "Y'all!"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slumdog Dance

Went to see Slumdog Millionaire yesterday.... loved it! And, especially loved the dance at the end. Click here to enjoy.... embedding was disabled. Have you seen this movie and what are your thoughts?

As someone who plays a LOT of trivia, I found this movie to be completely engaging and a very clever way to tell a tale.

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