Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Digs

My new office is getting nicer and nicer... the painters finished up today... the baseboards are spotless and any touch-ups that needed doing are done.

Some guys are hanging up shelves in our stockroom right now. Only one thing left... the blinds in my office won't close and the sun is intense! They are going to be replaced today.

My little fake fish is back in the water and looking happy.

This just leaves pictures to be hung. Since we're newly painted, we can't bear the thought of putting nails in the wall. Well, we can bear the thought of nailing - it's the hanging crooked and rehanging.

I gave away one of my bookshelves to a coworker, and quite truthfully, I want it back, but just couldn't do that to her - she loves it.

Well... better go get some more coffee in my beautiful heart-shaped mug made by my pal, Gary. I dont' know why, but it tasted better in this mug more than any other I have used. I think the secret is in the glaze.

Maybe that's why donuts are so good??


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

tis the LOOOOVE cup baybee!!!!
dang, do I have to tell you how much I love picnok???? strangers email me now asking what I am using for the effects!
Figured you must be EXHAUSTED alright, quite a week for you....

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

picnik, whatever....

Ritch in Love said...

Hi Lynda! Wanted to say thanks for your comment today. Honestly I LOVE your posts about your girl. Your parenting views are so fun to read! Wanted you to know that even though I posted what I did today, it doesn't mean I don't love learning about your teenagers "love of the week" and the drama this entails! :)

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