Monday, March 9, 2009

Rodeo, Teen Idols, and More...

Yesterday, my daughter got invited to bring a friend and go to the rodeo. So, you're probably thinking....hmmm... a rodeo. But, we're not talking just any rodeo, we're talking the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo - the biggest rodeo on the planet. It's a big deal in Houston - lasts for a couple of weeks and tons of big-name stars.

Okay, so why is this a big deal? Well, guess who was the entertainment yesterday?? Sit down, calm your hearts... The Jonas Brothers...gasp! oh my! (unfortunately, this mom doesn't know a thing about them!)

So, if you happen to have rodeo connections, you can find a way to get in... oh yes, you can get in. You won't have a seat, but, you will be in THE VERY SAME ROOM as one of your teen idols and that is just what happened. They got in, they stood, they sang, and they left happy. The tickets had sold out in approximately 15 minutes when they went on sale the month prior, so to get in was a big, big deal.

Luckily, for my teen, her uncle happens to be another rodeo connection for her and she and the same friend will be getting in to see Taylor Swift, too. They might be standing, but I don't think they care.

The plan for Taylor Swift is... all the girls will wear sundresses and cowboy boots. Oooooookay!

Yesterday, when Nicole was getting ready for The Jonas Brothers, she changed clothes about 12 times. She said, "Mom, what if I happen to meet one of them?"

What you wear DOES matter ;-)

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