Friday, March 20, 2009

Score One For The Moms!

The plot thickens and turns in my direction...

I called Brandon's mom... we were to meet halfway and I would bring Brandon to our side of town. Brandon was to spend the night with Josh. Well, after talking to Brandon's mom, she said she talked to Josh's dad to confirm Brandon could stay the night. She doesn't know Josh or his family.

Well, guess who doesn't have a dad in his life? That's right, Josh! They almost pulled to wool over our eyes. Soooo, the kids said the "dad" that called was Josh's mother's fiancee... are you following??

Brandon's mom and I both thought this was extremely fishy, so she insisted on talking to Josh's mother. Seems Josh's mom doesn't have a fiancee or even someone she's dating. Josh's mom kiboshed the plan.

Uh-oh. No spending the night.

Devastation reigned. In two households.

Teens in heat!

Today is Nicole's 17th birthday. If only her boyfriend could spend it with her. Sigh. Misery.

Of course, she's going to the rodeo tonight to see Taylor Swift. Guess that will balance it out a bit.

If only....sigh... Brandon could go. Sigh.


Jan Ross said...

My boyfriend lived quite a ways away in high school, so my parents would sometimes let him spend the night.

God. They were SO NAIVE.

One or the other of us was creeping down the hall as soon as everyone was asleep.

You are a good mom to be so on top of things!!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Sounds like each day is a new game of chess.
Checkmate today to Lynda. And your girl is sooooooooooooooo darn lucky to be going to the rodeo!
I have excellent cowboy boots. Think I'll post a picture! NOW!

Lynda said...

Yeeha! Gotta see this!

Melissa B. said...

I'm sure Taylor Swift will make up for a "boyfriend" who's clear across town. I wonder when our cherubs will learn that we've already lived this part of our lives, and already know more than they'll ever know? Happy Birthday to your cute little deceiver, though!

LaurieJ said...

So I need to add detective onto my already long list of skills I should develop as a mom?

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