Monday, August 31, 2009

Amazing Faiths

The Amazing Faiths Project

The Amazing Faiths Project brings together people of all faiths and no faith together for fellowship and friendship. The cornerstone of the project is the Dinner Dialogue which takes place throughout the year in many cities. Many other events and activities are produced by partnering organizations around the United States and throughout the world

I signed up for the one in Houston this year. Maybe you would be interested in attending in your area? If so, I would love to know!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Car Returns

Well, today is the day we pick up the car Miss Priss decided to WRECK. No, I am not still angry (lie detector just went off!).

Once we pick it up, I am taking it for a MAJOR cleaning out. She has evidently been using it for a rolling closet and garbage can as well as transportation. It also looked as if her friends used it for an alternate closet as well.

We told her last night that if she gets one more ticket or one more accident, we're dropping her from our insurance and selling the car.

After that, she looks me right in the eyes and says, "Can I drive to beach after school on Monday?"


On the first day of school.

"After school, Mom." Sheesh!

Our answer, "No."

We haven't decided if she gets it tonight or tomorrow. We're leaning towards late tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, and the cruise was spectacular!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Normal Day?

All signs indicate today will just be normal. Will it? Goodness, I sure hope so!

We're counting down vacation time now. We'll be cruising next week - well, actually, we set sail on Saturday and return on Thursday. It's a "quickie cruise" (5 days) from Galveston to Cozumel. We're letting Miss Priss bring Courtney with her and they are going to swim with the dolphins in Cozumel.

We'll be stopping in Progresso, Mexico, too, but not sure what we'll do there - maybe swim and shop. I'll be concentrating on the shopping part.

The fun part of a cruise is the teens can be free, but contained all at the same time.

I opt for containment until the age of 32.

We'll see.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What A Day!

Took Jerry to the doc this morning for an endoscopy for his acid reflux. Everything went really well and the doctor told me all is fine (yea!). He came out still under the anesthesia, so I took him right home to get some sleep.

After that, I came to work. Wasn't here 30 minutes before Miss Priss calls. A lady hit her. In the car. Miss Priss was cutting across 3 lanes of traffic - 2 lanes stopped and waved her through. The 3rd one didn't.

Oh yes, Miss Priss got a ticket for failure to yield right-of-way. Goody! And there is approximately $2500.00 worth of damage.

Jerry was coming to around then, so I picked Nicole up, took her home, got Jerry and we went to the body shop. They said it could be ready by Monday. We told them no, it couldn't. It couldn't be ready until the day before school starts.

The owner of the body shop says, "Sure, you can hide the car here till then." We love him.

And, that's how this day has panned out thus far.

Pray for me as fuse is now on the metric system.

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