Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Over

High School, that is. Miss Priss graduated on June 3rd in front of God and everyone. A collective family sigh was released and now we're on to the next big adventure. Before I move on with this story, let me tell you that this graduation may have been the best one I have ever attended - 11 graduates in total (a charter school) - each graduate had a teacher give speech in their behalf, each graduate got to give a speech, and the parents of each graduate were allowed to give one, too. It was all very personal and very touching.

Oh, but the hits just keep on coming... The Graduate decided to QUIT.HER.JOB because it was "hard work" cashiering at the grocery store and it wasn't like, "sitting at a desk all day," like I do. Yes, mom and dad BOTH insisted you don't quit a job until you get a job, but she-who-knows-the-intricacies-of-the-universe knew better and did it anyway.

Well, this kiddo was informed not to expect ANY gas money from the parental units. She says, "I know," and we know she's thinking I have alllllllllllllllll this graduation money, etc... of course, she has almost sped through it. We're squirreling away $500.00.

So, will she get a job before gas money runs out? Stay tuned!

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