Monday, January 12, 2009


She LOVED her new school! There is absolutely ZERO homework. All work is done in class.

She knew a few kids there from her old school (good!). And here is the schedule:

Theater - 8 kids
US History - 11 kids (this is the largest class)
Math - 6 kids
English - 6 kids
Spanish II - 5 kids
Chemistry - 4 kids

I am so loving this.

Thanks for the well-wishes and good vibes. If you see my kid's name here or any mention of her at all, please send another of those great whammies her way.

Now, for something funny and totally unrelated. Can you identify with the International Symbol for Marriage?


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh man, that dude forgot the ______________(fill in blank, example: anniversay)
Your daughter is gonna do great!

karin said...

Thanks so much for visiting my Welcome to Alberta post! Hubby and I keep thinking we'd like to visit Texas - maybe Corpus Cristi - next winter. We're told it's fantastic down there!

linda said...

Yay for Nicole and the new school! I'm so happy for all of you!

Kerrie said...

Woo hoo for the new school...hope she continues to love it and do well. You just can't get "lost" or be anonymous in classes that size...great news my friend, great news. Bravo Nicole.

Betty said...

I´m glad it all worked out well!

And that pic is hilarious! :)

LaurieJ said...

My twins kindergarten class has only 11 kids and it is wonderful! I wish the older kids had that. your daughter is very lucky!

best picture ever :-)

Ronnica said...

I'm so glad that Nicole likes it! It definitely sounds like it's a lot better atmosphere for her and more conducive to her learning.

Minnesota Matron said...

Great news about the school!! Hooray! Isn't that the Matron's own current state of marriage symbol? Hmmmmm.

Wheezer said...

All men know the international symbol for "Sorry I bought a Speedo, please go out and get me something more appropriate!"

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