Thursday, November 6, 2008


Oh yes, that's what I said.

No, not me. The Colonel. He couldn't come to work yesterday because he has diverticulitis.

Now, let me ask you...if you had it, would you TELL people. I mean, really, he sent an email to me, the owner of the company, and our VP saying it was flaring up and he just needed to stay home.

The visuals I got were not conducive to good health.

Now we both have a pain in the rear.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

good thing, ahem, he stayed at home....

Kerrie said...

Oh ugh...some people don't know when to stop talking.

Veggie Mom said...

So, his Tubes were Tied, to use an old expression?

Ronnica said...

Had to look that one up. G-ross.

I, too, stayed home from work yesterday, but that's not what I had.

Sophia Jason said...

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