Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nineteen Years Today

November 1st.

19 years ago on Grand Cayman Island, Jerry and I got married in a church that my great-great grandfather help found.

We spent a wonderful week there doing, well, just what newlyweds do. And we also enjoyed the Caribbean more than I could ever express here. When I close my eyes, I can imagine hearing the constancy of the surf. It was so relaxing and peaceful.

We snorkled and swam and did a lot of lounging.

Today, we had a really nice lunch together and wondered where 19 years went. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were standing in that VERY hot church waiting for the minister to be ready. Later that night, we went to an extremely nice restaurant built over the sea and once the dock light came on, tarpon would swim up to be fed.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, changed into our casual clothes and went to Pirate's Week festivities at West Bay, which is where my grandfather was born and grew up. We ran into a lot of cousins and had big fun.

We're happy to say we love each other more now than then.

Here's hoping a lasting love for all who read this post.


Kerrie said...

Congratulations...sounds like a perfect wedding & honeymoon, so simple and hassle free.

Any photos..??

Love to you both...xoxo

Wep said...

AWWW Congrats!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Happy anniversary, today is my mom and dads too. she said the same thing ...where did 52 years go.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Happy Anniversary, & many more to come!

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary lots more to come.HUGS!

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, I LOVE this!

Happy Anniversary...and many, many more...



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Ooooh! Love each other MORE now, YES!!!!!!!!!!

Lump said...

awww HAPPY 19TH! :) here's to many more anniversaries with the one you love!

NeverADullMoment said...

Congratulations! 19 years is a very long time and I can't wait to spend that with my husband! We just married 3 months ago, so we have a long way to go! Thanks for visiting me on my Sits feature the other day! Hope to see you again!

Janet said...

I'm a day late but Happy Anniversary anyway! How special to have been married in a church connected to your family. I hope you and Jerry have many more happy years together.

Ritch in Love said...

I haven't been by a little while due to some "Me Time" and yesterday I was so focused on blogging my eyes hurt!
Congratulations on your anniversary. Your honeymoon sounded magical, like a movie! Here's to many more happy memories for you both!

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