Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Wrap-Up

The week has gone so quickly for me. We've had drama (read: daughter has been skipping school), resolution (read: got caught by the assistant principal), consequences (read: in-school suspension today along with some grounding and removal of privileges by mom and dad), and hopefully we're on our way to a peaceful weekend.

On top of all that, I've been training a new employee, Wendy, all week. She has had to sit right next to me - that doesn't bother me at all - but, with the school calling, etc... it has been a bit uncomfortable. Wendy doesn't work Fridays so I feel a bit more free. I sure am grateful to have her as our business has tripled in the last three months.

When I first started here in May, I thought I would go bonkers because it was so slow, but they kept telling me to just wait - it would get busier. They were right! But, none of us knew we would be THIS busy.

Fortunately for us, when the economy is bad, we're doing great! Unfortunately, that means many others aren't doing well. I hope we come to a healthy balance soon.

So far, we have no plans for the weekend. It's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous weather. See?
It's hard to get used how early darkness falls, but I like feels like Christmas is coming!
What one word describes how you feel right this moment?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

oh I hated the grounding thing even though I know it needs to be done. When I grounded my kids I always felt like I was grounded too.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

one word?
BLECH. Mom and dad come over soon with their monster dog and OF COURSE I have to get a nasty cold and sore throat plus it is raining. Not very nice of you to rub in your nice weather. Maybe you will take your little doggies to the dog park today?

Janet said...

Looks like your weather is about the same as ours. I love this time of year! Hope you have a fun weekend.

georgie said...

I had some drama this week with middle bean-so i feel your is friggin cold here at least to me it is...I have the fire roaring-hope your weekend is peaceful!

Ronnica said...


Our business does great, too, when the economy is in the pits. Yeah for job security, I suppose.

Wep said...

OMG hang in there with the kid drama!!

Melissa B. said...

So glad your business is doing well. But sad that The Daughter is causing you pain. But glad that you have reached some resolution. But sad that our weather is not as nice as yours. But glad that you've got lovely weekend weather! BTW, please don't forget Sx3 today...we have a VERY timely snap for ya!

Veggie Mom said...

Hope you put all your worries aside and enjoyed the beautiful weekend! We've had clouds and rain and drizzle. Not a good weekend for anything at least I got out of raking leaves! Oh, and Aunt Julie's hosting another *Recipe Week* over at my place, starting today. Remember how yummy the last one was?

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