Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I can't believe it... I am going to have a surprise party. So, why do I know? Because my family is goofy, that's why!

My brother and sister-in-law decided I needed a surprise party for my 50th birthday. Now, I am not a big party fan. They know this and don't care. I love them.

Actually, I haven't had a real party since I turned 18. See, my birthday always falls right around Thanksgiving, plus my dad's birthday is the day before mine, so we've always kind of shared all of it at once - Thanksgiving and the birthdays.

But, my party-planning sis-in-law (Jana) can't control herself. Do you have one of those in your family? The one that decides all holidays will be at her house, decides the menu, and organizes every detail? That's Jana. At first, it used to bug us, but now it's so easy to let her run with it. She LIKES it. So, we all bring things, help her clean up, but we don't have the stress of, "is my house clean," "where will we find extra chairs at the last minute, " "who's getting stuck at the kiddie table," and all those nerve-wracking items.

Okay, Lynda... you still haven't said how you found out. Alright already. My stepmom called and asked if we wanted to do Thanksgiving at the ranch on Friday instead of Thursday because my brother was picking up my mom at the airport on Thursday. Mom? She never comes for Thanksgiving and always comes for Christmas. We do Thanksgiving with Dad (birthdays, etc...).

So, I ask Jerry if he knew my mom was coming for Thanksgiving...he squirmed and pretended like I was speaking Chinese. Like I could just wake up and order fried eggs in Beijing. This meant I had only one option. Call my sister.

Now, my sis, Susan, can't not tell. I say, "Why is Mom coming for Thanksgiving and why didn't I know?" She says, "Okay, but you can't tell Jana I am telling you....blah blah blah." And there you have it.

They were good, though. They got the email addresses of all my friends and sent them Evites for the Saturday after Thanksgiving (my actual 50th birthday). It's going to be an open house, so people can come and go as they like. Quite frankly, I didn't think anyone would come during the holiday weekend (understandably so), but Susan assures me more than I think are coming.

For the first time, I am really looking forward to a party.... I think some of my friends that came to my 18th birthday party will be there. I can't believe I am going to tell you this, but on that cake, this was written: She's a woman now! (18 was the legal age in Texas way back in that other century)

So, I guess this one will say, "She's an old woman now!"

I can take it... why? because I embrace it. I am happy to be 50. I feel really blessed to have such a loving family and caring friends. Life really is good!


Mrs. Who said...

I'm 55 and I'm here to tell you, that 50 is GREAT! I love my family and friends - life could not be any better. Well. It might be a LITTLE better when I retire in the spring...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OK, gonna book my flight right now, meet you there....

Ronnica said...

Ooh, fun! I'm not a big party person either, but you can enjoy it when it's the people you love there!

Wheezer said...

How great! Not the surprise party but the part about the relative who likes to have all the parties at her house! How do I get one of those?

Dawn said...

You and I are both having a big night on the 29th!

My friend and husband are throwing me a big 40th birthday party!!! My birthday is actually Dec. 1.

Our 15 year anniversary is the 27th - on Thanksgiving!!

I'm getting really excited!! I will toast for you when I'm drinking that night! LOL Cheers!! And, happy birthday early!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Awwww - can I come????

MissKris said...

My birthday is smack-dab between Christmas and New Year's...I know what you mean! And my two kids are two-years-23-hours-to-the-minute apart and have shared family birthdays forever. Hate it, too. Oh well. As long as we're around to actually HAVE birthdays, I guess we shouldn't complain, eh?

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