Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daily Motivator

Do not wait to be beautiful. Be your beautiful, authentic self right now.

If the world offers up negativity and despair, surprise the world by giving back love and kindness. Send out the energy that you wish to experience, and you are certain to experience it.

Happiness and fulfillment are alive in this moment. Allow them to flow freely and creatively through your life.

Fall in love all over again with the miracle of being. Your imagination is great and magnificent, yet it cannot hold even a fraction of the possibilities.

You'll do, say and act your best when you feel your best. Feel the limitless wonder of this very moment.

Be beautiful, alive, aware and filled with the energy of the possible. In this moment, is every dream made and fulfilled.

-- Ralph Marston

Yep...look at the little Daily Motivator way down on the right... Ralph has something new everyday... isn't today's nice?


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

feel the limitless wonder, oh yes! Onward and upward, thanks Lynda....

Melissa B. said...

Words to live by. I wish more people would look at themselves in this kind of light. I love living in the moment, even though I have also been know to live in the past and sometimes, even, in the future. The energy of the possible, though, is where it's at!

red dirt mule said...

thank you, lynda.
just when i thought things looked their bleakest ...
i click and SHAZAM -
a jewel.


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