Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Recap

So, I told you my darling child stayed home ALL DAY LONG on Saturday. Yes, and it was very nice.

We made it through the day with no drama until at 11:30pm when her friend's boyfriend texted her to tell her she gets on his nerves. Yes, I know, it's confusing, but I am supposed to listen to this nonsense and keep it all sorted. Can you believe it?

So, I ask the obligatory question, "Why do you get on Caleb's nerves? and why is he compelled to tell you this at 11:30pm at night?"

Answer, "He was complaining to April (the friend & Caleb's girlfriend) that I get on his nerves. He thinks I am paranoid, so April told him to tell me, not her. She's not getting all up in my business."

Well, one thing led to another... of course, as soon as someone tells you that YOU get on their nerves, you should start texting them and their girlfriend and all the satellite friends in the circle. Now, getting "up in their business" is just an awful thing to do... unless it involves you, naturally.

After an hour or so, Nicole and Caleb were "good" with one another - apologies offered and forgiveness extended.

They all hung out yesterday and watched movies and did NOT eat fast food. Miracles!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

He said, no but she said and....
oh goodness. Exhausting! I saw a bumper sticker this am at the grocery store: "more wag, less bark". Holy cats I love it! And I was in a foul barky mood. Then a dude at the county dump was like "hey, howya doin'?" and then "keep on keepin; on....".
Yep. :)

g-man said...

Oh crap! I have two daughters.

Not looking forward to teenagers. {shudder}

Veggie Mom said...

Getting up in one's business seems to be a favorite past-time of my girls, too. Fun times! But at least fast food wasn't involved...

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