Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Going Early

Miss Priss is going to a charter school. The hours are 10:30am - 3pm. That worked out perfectly for Nicole (she's a sleepyhead).

Yesterday, she was told by the principal that she had passed the probationary period, so now she is on early shift - 7:15am - Noon. Gulp! She started today. One of the reasons we chose the charter school was the late hours.

Sooooooo.... yesterday, I called the principal and we talked. He thinks she can do it and she is flourishing here. When she got home, I told her how proud we are of her accomplishments and how her principal is excited that she is making that step of maturity and taking on this new challenge. She just lit up.

The poor girl just thrives on encouragement even when she is snarling and acting like she doesn't care. We know, after being in foster care so long, she is quick to be defensive and self-protective, so to see her WANT to do well is fantastic.

Of course, tomorrow, I might be b!tch!ng about something, but until that happens...


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh man, first thing she'll need in the afternoon is a nap!
That is so wonderful she is doing well at this school. Wow. You are a good mom. You are good parents!
And a nice friend to so many of us too!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Early to bed, early to rise.

Ronnica said...

Why are they switching her up? I would have loved to have her old schedule when I was a student!

Betty said...

The power of praise and encouragement.
I´m glad she´s taking this new schedule in stride. Show´s that she is maturing!

red dirt mule said...

wow -
the timing of the perfect word ...
encouragement is something we all crave. especially when (my) head(s) are bouncing around in the negativity jumper.


ps. i'm copying ralph's words from above. something i need to read every day!

g-man said...

Good luck with that.

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