Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonder and Tell

There are some things I have been wondering about. I'd like your input:

First of all, when did all wedding dresses become sleeveless? Most are strapless as well. Now, I know most women get married at that perfect time of life when arms can be seen without being encased in fabric, but some don't. And some, even at those ages, shouldn't. I like sleeves on a wedding dress. They don't have to be long sleeves, just sleeves. Some people should never, ever, ever wear a strapless, sleeveless dress.

Secondly, have you ever reached a point where there really is NOTHING you want for a gift? My family keeps asking me, "What would you like for Christmas?" and I just don't have an answer other than some calendars which I replace each year. I just want my kid to go to school, my husband to do some honey-do chores around the house, etc... but that's not a good answer for them. I can't think of a darned thing. I think it might be that I don't want to think it up - surprise me!

And finally, this is just for fun... what is your all-time favorite song and why? I mean that song that you know was written for you - the one that is so woven into the fabric of who you are, you can't imagine it not being a part of your life?


Jan Ross said...

1. I guess I am an old fuddy duddy, but I think strapless wedding dresses are just a little...rude. And I would be terrified to raise my arms up!

2. I need NOTHING. I guess it's a good thing but it does make it difficult to make a Christmas list!

3. I know all the words to the songs in South Pacific. Love them and will sing along, even though I can't sing very well. At all. Does that count?

Ronnica said...

1. Oh, the generational gap. I think wedding dresses with sleeves look prudish and dull. I'll totally not have sleeves (don't know about the straps) whenever I get my wedding dress...I don't care HOW big my arms are then, very few people can pull off sleeves!

2. Nope, but I'm still young.

3. I have no idea. I have lots of songs that I enjoy, but that's mainly because they're fun to listen too, not because of their meaning or anything.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

1. HA! I read an article about this: young women want to look HOT now when they get married. And when they get pregnant too. Sure am glad my little beagle will never have a wedding....

2. I bought what I wanted and gave it to the missus and forgot about it----and I sincerely wish you get EXACTLY what you say here from both your daughter and husband

3. :)
I sing this stupid thing all the time and my wife hates it now ;^)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

1 - I have NO idea... we're looking at getting married next Christmas and I'm sorry - sleeveless in december looks STUPID... i don't want pneumonia for my honeymoon... grrr!!!!

2 - I can usually think of something :)

3 - Gosh... that's a hard one... I can't pick just one...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'm glad you liked it.:)

linda said...

When my friends kids ask her husband what he wants for Christmas, his comment always is the same "I just want children that obey their parents!" Enough said!

Ritch in Love said...

1. Yup. I agree! I love sleeves on wedding gowns: mine had short sleeve as you have seen on my blog sidebar. :)
2. I told Michael that I didn't want anything this year. I just felt like our money could be used in so many other ways! He felt the same. We are putting what money we would have used on gifts to go into our savings account for the reversal. :)
3. My Song (or should I say songS)? "At Last" performed by Etta James and "Bless the Broken Road" performed by Rascal Flatts

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I married in sept. had long sleeves because arms do wiggle.
I would rather get acts of kindness rather than gifts.

~ Michelle ~ said...

Mommy power All the way!!

1. To each her/his own I suppose. I may get married someday, discussions have been there and in the month of June, my most fave dress look includes thin laced long sleeves and I have never worn one before so it will happen.

2. I totally nodded re what you wanted for christmas. I don't know either, same with kids, I did however see a heating bubbling foot spa that looked relaxing... you know after a day of chasing our kids to just sit by the fire and sooth the feet?

3. I love music, all kinds, most all have meaning to me, one that sticks on and off for decades funny enough is Dream on by Aerosmith.

Bebe said...

Hi Lynda!
Thanks for visiting with me yesterday! No, girl, I had not disappeared ~ just been insanely busy and haven't gotten much blogging done at all. You are so sweet to miss me...I missed catching up with you, too! :)

Now about that wedding dress....I don't like the sleeveless look at all. I mean, it's one thing if you are at an evening cocktail party or going to a museum opening or something like that ~ as long as you have a wrap to go with it. I don't think the bride should be showing that much on her wedding day. I like the classic well-done sleeves, short or long; it should always be elegant!

On the gifts...I can't think of anything I'd want either this year. Maybe world peace and a booming, booming economy? :)

My favorite song ~ Gosh, that's tough ~ I like so many! Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles!! :)

Hugs, Bebe :)

Denita said...

Miss Lynda,

1} I personally like sleeveless, but my all time favorite is, long sleeves! Very sexy to me {about the only thing I got say in at my daughters wedding...LOL}
2} I am on a gift from the heart roll this year, although that just doesn't seem to happen much anymore.
3} Have to give this one some serious thought. I'll come back and answer. By the way, you didn't mention yours.....

; }

MissKris said...

I never have liked receiving gifts. When Dear Hubby and I were out Christmas shopping yesterday he asked if there was anything I'd like for my birthday, which falls between Christmas and New Year's. I looked at him like he was crazy. Me? A gift? Of course, I pooh-poohed him. I couldn't think of a thing. World peace, maybe? A better economy? Living to see my grandsons reach adulthood? Figuring out a way to get my estranged brother - 16 years now - back in to my life? Now, if Dear Hubby could do that, I'd say sure, give me those gifts. But material things? Nah. In answer to your first 'pondering' I think sleeveless wedding dresses are a travesty..HATE them. And my favorite song? "Loneliness" by Annie Lennox. LOVE LOVE LOVE that song!!!!!!

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