Saturday, December 13, 2008

Secret Santa Struck!

Today, my gift from the Secret Santa Soiree arrived. People, let me tell you... I have one clever secret Santa. Don't worry - I will take a photo as soon as I can find the camera, but I wanted to share right away.

My SS (that's code for Secret Santa) must be a very talented artist or has a good friend who is - I have a beautiful hand-painted wine glass that says, "Fabulous 50" - because as SS, I have aged well.

She also included a Livestrong bracelet and a military angel pin.

Now, that's plenty right there, but that's not all - she also incuded a nice set of shiny Burt's Bees. Very nice! I love the Burt's Bees products!

Now, calm down people. I know you're all jealous. Unfortunately, you didn't get MY secret Santa. Oh, but don't let me forget this further item... the card! My SS attached a cute little card that explained each item and why she chose it - and it was in a poem!

Sorry, friends, I got the best SS. I hope you guys get next-best!

Thank you SS - I will post photos as soon as that camera surfaces.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Good for you. You deserve it.

georgie said...

YAY your gift arrived-

Wheezer said...

Wowee! Great SS stuff!

Veggie Mom said...

I must say, I AM a tad jealous! Every time I participate in a Secret Santa Shindig, I seem to get shafted!! Enjoy your gifts...I can't think of one more worthy of Secret Santa Sweets!

Betty said...

What a thoughtful SS you had. I am expecting something in the mail too.Can´t wait!

Dawn said...

AWESOME!!! Those were some thoughtful gifts!

I got mine and I got my pictures taken NOW I need to get them on here! That's my plan for the morning. :)

georgie said...

I just disclosed who had who and added a mr linky so everyone can add links to their sss posts...cant wait to see pix

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