Friday, July 18, 2008

She's Still Here (Except When She's Not)

Well, to bring you up to date, our darling child called at about 10:25pm last evening to let us know, "some guy hit me" and would I come to Sonic and talk to him for her.

At first, I thought she meant some guy hit her, hit her, but she meant he hit her.... with his car! Oh great, 16 and the first accident.

All I could see was smoke shooting out of Jerry's ears and all he can think about is our insurance rates are going up.

Thank God, no one was hurt, though.

The accident was basically nothing...our car is exactly like it was when she got in it - just fine. The other guy's is scuffed, but he's being a big baby about it all. His '93 Nissan's new paint job is scuffed.

I happen to believe my child that she was in the right. Long story and not necessary. Trust me, I am not one to up and believe the tale of a teen, but I do this one.

Anyway, he filed a claim. We're contesting. Farmer's can deal with this.

Oh, and for an update on the boy/Holly story... Holly doesn't know our daughter likes said boy, but she is STILL flirting - can you believe it?? Holly should just feel the vibes of "off limits" because our kid likes the same boy.

Whew! it's exhausting!


gary rith said...

my goodness, I'm glad your daughter and car are fine, but the other guy??????

Veggie Mom said...

Oh, gosh--I feel your pain! It's no fun dealing with the teen years sometimes, is it? Our daughter has been in a couple of fender-benders. One wasn't her fault, and the others were minor. I hope it taught her a lesson. Glad your kiddo is OK! BTW, I've posted a "funny" this morning that should lighten your mood!

Gramma 2 Many said...

I should be gone. Have to take my mom to the Dr. But I just have to tell you about the time my girls flipped their car. In the middle of the road....fighting over whose turn it was to drive. Fortunately no one was hurt and no other cars were involved. They lost driving rights for a while.
Gotta go now

Ronnica said...

I got in a minor accident in Sonic one time. Totally my fault, but I just scratched my car and the old Buick that I hit as I was pulling out. The lady was super gracious and told me not to worry about it!

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