Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lazy Blogger Needs Chinese Hair

Thanks to the SITS site, I have become lazy creating my own posts.

Yep, first, it's the Featured Blogger, then people who comment on her fabulous site, then the ones commenting on the commenter's own blog, and so on, and so on.

Wow, now I feel like I have entered a Breck Shampoo commercial and that would be completely ridiculous. Have you ever noticed how the majority of shampoo models all have that perfectly straight and shiny hair? You have no idea how jealous I am of you straight, shiny-haired people.

Oh, I know some of you are thinking you'd give anything to have curly hair. Ha! You just THINK that. It's a curse.

I know, I know, we need to embrace who we are and what we have and celebrate our fortunes. Some people don't have hair at all, but once in a while... I want to believe that fairy godmother or genie will come to me and ask me my greatest desire. Chinese hair. Thick, black, shiny, straight, straight hair.

My life probably would've been completely different if I had Chinese hair. Now, don't get me wrong, I would still want the husband and child I have now, but imagine the altered possibilities of high school and college.

That was a reallllllllly long time ago, though. Back when straight-haired girls used a "real" flat iron - on the ironing board! and rolled their hair with orange juice cans (how did they sleep with those things?).

I always used the pink rollers, Dippity-Do, and pink curl tape. My curls would be tame until I walked out my front door into that ever-present Houston humidity. You know what that meant? Boing! Willy-nilly, do-as-I-please curls.

And there she'd go... the girl with shiny Chinese hair pulled in a ponytail swinging from side-to-side.

That's it... I am going surfing again!


Elizabeth said...

I used to have long, straight hair. It fell out after chemotherapy(3 times)and has come in curly, which the doctors say is pretty standard. I LOVE it! I just wet it and go! Soon it will be long enough for a clip, right now I am doing headbands. Having had both kinds of hair, and both short and long, I'd go w/ the curly. I think your's looks great!

linda said...

Oh, I could have written this post myself...word for word. I have such naturally curly hair and you better believe I'd trade it away in a New York minute!

I've never been able to have long hair because I can't stand it long enough to get it there...and if it does get a little longer, it's not attractive. Chinese hair just isn't ever gonna happen to me in this lifetime...darn it anyways!!

Veggie Mom said...

I'm a curly-haired gal, and still used the old tried and true REAL iron on my curly locks. No wonder I'm not a Breck Girl today! Have a Happy 4th!

Melonie said...

I used to have straight hair... then after my first child it went frizzy. *sigh* A few years and a good hair cut later, I finally figured out that conditioner is around for a reason and found a cheapie straightening iron at Costco and OMG they work.

Then I had another kid and my hair got frizzier ... but I haven't the time to DRY my hair, let alone straighten it and do all that fancy stuff.... now I just pull it back wet and put it in a bun like the military gals. At least it's out of my face, which would please my Nana to no end. LOL

(I originally came by to thank you for commenting on my blog... but I digressed. Oops. THANKS for commenting. You made my day.)

another day in paradise said...

I forgot about dippity-do! I want that stuff - right now.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have straight hair, but not thick and rarely long. Oh how I envied those great, swingy ponytails.

~*Paty*~ said...

I soooooooooo totally feel you. I used to live in Texas and the humidity is HORRIBLE. I swear my hair would grow bigger by the minute! Thank goodness for straight irons and dry weather up here in Utah.

P.S. I wish I had straight hair. sniff sniff

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