Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Here I am at work listening to Pandora on my computer. By the way, have you tried Pandora? It takes a while to find your perfect combination.

If you're not familiar with this site, it's like your own radio station. I have selected various artists to create stations. Say you choose Hall & Oates, they create a Hall & Oates radio station and it plays songs of that type. It doesn't mean you'll get only H & O tunes. So, you create numerous "stations" and select Quick Mix. Pandora then plays random selections from each of your stations.

It takes a while to find that perfect combo.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, at work! It's possible I should be DOING something. I'm on it.


gary rith said...

oh I know, we live in amazing times, don't we???? from chatting with strangers in Texas to making up our own radio station!

Ronnica said...

I've never used Pandora, but I've used something similar a long time ago. It's a neat idea, but my computer never does well with streaming things. It likes to hop on and off the Internet randomly.

Hen said...

mmmm, off to have a try...will it work here I wonder?

Veggie Mom said...

I've read quite a bit about Pandora, and I'm going to try it out soon. I sometimes have a hard time, though, reading/writing blog posts and listening to music. I do love my music, though, so I'm gonna give it a try!

Carmi said...

I was a HUGE fan of Pandora...until they ran into major licensing issues and had to block non-U.S. IP addresses from receiving it. I was able to listen to it when we were on vacation south of the border. But once we were back in the Great White North, it went silent.

Alas, last.fm seems to offer similar functionality and it's got a seriously great player app that keeps me in great tunes all day long. It's an amazing writing companion that, for now at least, is Canuck-friendly.

Gary is so right: we definitely do live in amazing times. This is nothing short of magical.

Even more magical: I'm doing a live hit with a Toronto radio station tonight....from my house in London...and it'll be broadcast over the Internet as well. How cool is that!

God, I love technology :)

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