Friday, July 18, 2008

One Word

Do you enjoying writing just for the joy of writing? You might like to try the One Word site.

Each day, they give you one word and one minute to write. Once done, you can read the writings of others. This isn't blog-specific, of course - just something fun online.

Do you have some sites you like more than others or that you find yourself visiting most often? Why not share your favorites?

Here are a few of mine:
Whole Wheat Radio - enjoy an eclectic collection of music - you can request songs and watch your selections move up the list. You can even call in and leave a little sound bite that will play on the air. Big fun!
The Official Time - not too exciting, but sometimes you just need to know EXACTLY what time it is!
Pogo - Play a few games
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About - Yep, it's just what it says - and is pretty darn hilarious!
How I Met My Wife - I love cleverly written pieces and this one just tickles my vocabulary bone - may it will tickle yours, too.

There are many, many more, of course, but I would love to see what sites reel you in!


Christie said...

Thanks for the links...the one word sounds fun...actually they all sound fun!

Veggie Mom said...

Hey, you're good at this! My stomach gets all snarled up inside when I'm under pressure!

Jim said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Bobbi said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my recipe blog! I have your site blogrolled, so I'll be checking back in.

gary rith said...

Oh, awesome!
Goodness, what site would I share???? OK, I'll think about it...

Melissa B. said...

As a self-described "writer," I should try out this site! You're quite accomplished your own self, ya know. BTW, don't forget that today is the Super Summer Sunday Sweepstakes. Please stop in and leave a caption!

Ritch in Love said...

Here from Sits! Your blog is lovely! Thanks for the links! I'll be stopping by for more reading!

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