Monday, June 8, 2009

When A Whole Weekend Passes

...and you don't even LOOK at your blog or the blogs of your friends, you miss so much!

I just peeked over at Gary's and it feels like I missed 6 months of stuff! My whole work morning might be just reading his blog. Plus, everyone I know is saying, "You should be on Facebook." I have resisted for an incredibly long amount of time, but I am almost ready to cave in.

Problem with that is... no one in my family has seen THIS blog and I like it that way. They're all on Facebook, so I will have to have a dual identity. We'll see. Still thinking about it.

No drama from Miss Priss this weekend. In fact, she stayed home for the entire day yesterday. If you have a teen you know what a strange thing that is.

And, this is good stuff... her report card arrived in the mail. Check this out:

Math - A
Theater - A
Spanish - B
English - B
US History - C (this one had to be pure laziness!)
Chemistry - C

Math is the biggest shocker! We are very proud of the grades.

Can't believe she will be a senior in a few months.

Oh, and we booked a cruise for August. We're letting Nicole bring her friend, Courtney, with us. Can you imagine being trapped on a boat with a teen? This way, they get their own cabin and are in a contained environment. Plus, we can have drinks and won't be driving. This sounds like a win-win.

Happy Monday!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I do post a lot, don't, much of it quite meaningless....
congrats to your girl, excellent work!

Ronnica said...

I primarily use facebook for RL friends and family, but it links to my blog since I don't mind them reading it. It wouldn't be difficult to have the two different online identities.

Congrats to Nicole!

Woo hoo about the cruise!

♥georgie♥ said...

I have a teen and I so know what mean about the staying home...shocker! lol

her grades look great! I so wanna go on a cruise! so jealous right now

Wheezer said...

You will totally never see either one of them....must make a date for dinner at least once while you are on board or you will never see them at all!!!

g-man said...

Congrats to the Senior. :)

I know what you mean about catching up on blogs (Especially Gary!) Have fun reading.

We love to cruise. Where are you going?? I think the friend idea is brilliant!

Debbie Y. said...

I'd take a cruise if it wasn't on the water. LOL I don't like deep water.

Congrats on the kiddo's grades.

Veggie Mom said...

WOW...enjoy the summer months. It's downright SURREAL to be the Mom of a high school senior!

Betty said...

Sounds like a great idea for the cruise. You will have a terrific time. And your daughters grades look great. You should be so proud!

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