Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Five Favs: Birds

It's that time again - Friday! Where does the week go? For Friday Five Favs today, it's birds:

My favorite of all the bird - the mockingbird. Havoc on a garden, but the songs they sing while sitting on your chimney, or the top of a tree, are exquisite!
This fellow, the puffin, is who is planning all my vacations. I want to visit all the places I can find these that face too cute, or what??
We all have these little sparrows, don't we? Sometimes we forget to see how adorable "plain" can be. Those dust baths they take are just too cute :-)
Pelicans. They have been a part of my life forever. Mostly, I see these brown ones, but there are plenty of white ones in the area as well. Just love them!
We have a HUGE owl that comes out late at night and sits on the neighbors house and hoots up a storm - beautiful bird. And humongous. Plus, owls always remind of that scene in My Cousin Vinnie.... you know the one (go on, click the link and see for yourself).
Oh, and I have a special bird I only show in traffic.
What about you??


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I love little puffins too, and what a mouthful he has there!

g-man said...


I like to take pictures of birds, but I dont really have a favorite or anything.

I have the same traffic bird too ;)

Ronnica said...

Birds are the only type of animals that I have no fear of. Well, except for geese--those things can be scary. I really mallard ducks and finches!

Melissa B. said...

A mean ol' mockingbird was taunting my kitty this a.m. Sure did remind me of Tejas! And, of course, pelicans are my faves, too. Plus, I'm SO GLAD you included Puffins! BTW, don't forget: Please come on over and check out my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes!

~SHANNON~ said...

Hey there fellow SITSA! Those are some awsome bird picks- WOW!!! Thanks for sharing!

Shannon at:

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