Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peace and Flowers

Well, what do you know? My friend brought me flowers this morning... beautiful peonies. They look similar to these and look beautiful in my office.

She brought ALL of us flowers... so you can imagine how happy we all are. Gals like flowers - it's in the genes ;-)

So, there are the flowers.

Peace? In my house? Yes, it was peaceful yesterday. Nicole still can't understand why Brandon "needs a break" from her. They live so far apart, a break from WHAT?

Of course, we adults know the "break" means there's another girl close by.

She actually seemed to be handling this devastating crisis quite well.

There must be another boy nearby also.

Updates as they occur.

Peace and Flowers... groovy!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

groovy alright! I am firing the first seal sugar bowl today, pics tomorrow!

MissKris said...

My Dear Hubby brings me flowers once or twice each year, which I love. But I remember the year he brought me an absolutely gorgeous bouquet where I ended up being so allergic to one-or-all of the flowers in it - it was rather a rather exotic mix - that I had to put them out on the back porch. At the end of December! To say they died a quick death is an understatement, ha! I love peonies but can't get them to grow for me for anything. Luckily, my neighbor has a gorgeous bush of them right outside my kitchen window where I can see them as I wash dishes. Eye candy!

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