Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Not Sleepy

....So, yesterday morning my phone rings at 6:30am. It's my daughter... she spent the night at her friend's house, and this is how the conversation goes (Miss Priss is in green):

"Are you okay?" (wondering why in the heck my phone is ringing at 6:30AM)
"Yeah! We stayed up all night! We stayed in the backyard, and we had a citronella candle to keep the mosquitos away, we're not tired at all and we've had a WHOLE LOT of coffee."
"You need to get some sleep."
"No! We're not tired at all. We're about to go to Starbucks! Did I leave my money on the table?"
"You don't need any coffee - you need some sleep. Did you ever take your contacts out?"
"Mom! We HAVEN'T gone to sleep - why would I take my contacts out?"
"So, when are you going to get some sleep?"
"We are still talking and we need more coffee, so we're going to Starbucks!"

All of her sentences were at caffeine-induced lightning speed.

Okay, so the whole day goes by - no sleep - they need to spend time with their friends.

We need to shop for Jerry's birthday (Friday) and I told her I would pick her up after work. When I pulled up to the house, she walked out like a living zombie. Of course, she was extremely tired. We shopped - I told her to go home and get in bed.

"Bed??? I need to spend time with my friends!"

I could've fought it, but I didn't, so off she went with her friends. She came home at 10pm and went straight to her room and watched a movie... STILL not asleep.

About 11pm, she was zonked. Still sleeping when I left for work this morning.



Debbie Y. said...

Just talking about how wired she was and then zonking out like she did makes me tired.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh I know, kids exhaust you. Coffee is a wonderful thing, but what was that, 36 hours awake or more?

LaurieJ said...

Dang! I was an early bird even as a teenager. I hope she gets caught up so you aren't dealing with the emotional repercussions :-)

Betty said...

Sounds like you will need lot´s of patience this summer... :)

g-man said...

Ha. I can remember doing that with my friends Robby and Butch. We slept in the shed (converted from shed to fort, and it had electricity) We made coffee and stayed up all night. Butch fell asleep and we tried to put his hand in warm water to make him pee. Since we only had tea cups, and I was laughing so har I kept spilling the water, we just gave up. We then thought that we'd just spill water on him and say he peed. :)

Ah, good times.

I hope that she doesn't make a habit of staying up all night.

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