Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Changes and Continues, last night... Nicole gets a call from her "other" ex (whom she will always love, forever and ever, because he was her first true love), Dorkface. Well, Dorkface is best friends with one if Nicole's good friends, Justin, who, by the way, fell madly in love with Nicole's OTHER best friend, April. They dated for, oh my goodness, a week. Well, everyone could tell that April was flirting with Dorkface.

With that possibility looming, my child took it upon herself to call April and tell her if she was thinking about liking Dorkface, their friendship could be in jeopardy as April KNOWS that Nicole will always have feelings for Dorkface. April assured her that would not be an issue.... okay, that was BEFORE last night... let me flash forward again:

Last night, Dorkface calls Nicole and says, "Why can't you just let April and I be happy," and a host of other things. Nicole texted April. April texted back, "If you were my friend and loved me, you would want me to be happy." Happy?? This is all-out betrayal of all that is holy in friendships.

Of course, Courtney HAD to be drawn in to offer opinions, send various texts, and commiserate.

Nicole wants to "run them both over." I, naturally, do not support that choice.

Talking reason to the kid is futile.

I try and tell her to let it go. She is not in charge of either or them and nor can she dictate if they can like each other or not. It hurts, it is a betrayal, but LET IT GO.

She won't.

And this is why you should have children when you are very young, because at fifty, it wears your hiney out.

Good grief!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Listen, I think there is a place for Nicole in the army. Like, special forces!!!!! The young woman can FIGHT!

Lynda said...

No kidding!

Betty said...

Oh Lynday! I feel for you. But you know what? Even if you have kids at a younger age, it drives you crazy!! Hang in there!

LaurieJ said...

I am glad you are going through it first!
Get it figured out and then email a copy of all of the answers :-)
I have got 4 girls coming up

Debbie Y. said...

We all need to be Benjamin Buttons and live life in reverse, so when the harder parts happen you are younger and better able to cope with the stress. Teenage daughters of midlife crisis women is way too hard. I feel your pain. Shannon is now 23, married, and has a baby, but she still stresses me out to no end.

g-man said...

Jeesh! I swear! Who, in their right mind would EVER name their child Dorkface? I mean really!?!


I have two daughters!!

{rocking and sucking thumb}

Queen-Size funny bone said...

my kids are older and they are still in the habit of obsessing over things they can't control. it drives me nuts.

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