Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Normal Day

That's my goal today.

Life with Miss Priss has actually been stable lately. Of course, she wants to drive to Galveston this Saturday with a pack of friends, so she is motivated to be on track. We think we're finally going to let her do it - with permission of said friends folks.

Life at work has been a zoo. I didn't think it could get this busy, but it has, which is good for business, but I feel like I can't catch my breath. Oh well, we all know things cycle around and come back eventually. I hope it does that soon.

I'm discovering I am not the world's best manager. I have an employee that just won't go home when I tell her to... she just keeps working and saying, "I'm almost done." I keep saying, "Pack up and go..." I have to get more forceful... not sure that's the hill on which I want to battle. Not today.

It might be time for Lynda to have a solo vacation. I could really enjoy that.

Have you ever had a vacation or a weekend trip by yourself? What did you do, where did you go?

REMINDER: Tomorrow we'll have the Five Friday Favorites. What will it be??? I'll tell you so you can get ready... list your five favorite designs. What do I mean by designs? You tell me! Designs in nature, architecture, fabric, cakes, clothing, etc....


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I have thought about it but do not know if I would like it. I'm not one that likes to be alone for any length of time. away from my family yes.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Solo vacation? Sort of. I have traveled to deliver artwork and get supplies and see friends. Which is fun, esp. missing the missus and returning home!
FAVORITE designs.......hmmmmmm. I have number one in mind. And 2 and 3.....

red dirt mule said...

While I was married, I never traveled anywhere solo except home to see my parents.

But since then, I've flown to England a number of times. i still get freaked out at the airports: will my flight be delayed/ mess up my connection (like at Christmas); will my luggage get lost (twice); will i get grilled at customs (once) ... but i've never felt so empowered. i can DO this, i really CAN !!

next on my list: weekend/ day trips around Texas. i'm slowly branching out!


linda said...

Lynda, I've never thought about solo trips...until now.

My husband worked and worked so I always enjoyed going on vacations with him. It was fun to see him relax. Well fast forward to one year ago. Husband retired and is now home 24/7. I went from practically never having a husband home to having one home everyday, all day. Let me tell you, it's enough to drive you nuts! I've never loved my job more!

Although I haven't done it yet, my plan is to take some little day trips or weekend trips to the beach by myself...I just need to find the time to do it!

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