Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Don't Post on Saturdays

So what the heck am I doing here now?

I thought I would share another work adventure with you. I already told my pal, Gary, but what the heck... why not tell all my friends?

My company provides contract workers for various clients. Many of which are very professional - these are not contract blue collar positiions, but white collar.

We keep trying to find that "just right" person on Long Island. Now, you would think there are tons to choose from. Our screening process is pretty tough and once they get through it, we make a decision. I am on my third one for a particular client! I don't know how many more times we can go through this.

Yesterday, this gentleman, who had been a previous employee of the client (so he already knew how the work was to be done) and a licensed New York Appraiser, decided to TAKE HIS SHOES OFF in the middle of the office, walk around in his socks, and talk extremely loudly on the cell phone. Bad enough that I received emails regarding this.

I don't want to call a grown man over the age of 50 and ask him why he didn't keep the shoes on his feet.

Another guy decided to sit down in the client's office in front of a TV and FELL ASLEEP. At work!

What is wrong with these people?? I don't know how many more of those emails I can get.

I need to find two decent, hard-working, fairly intelligent people on Long Island.

What's up with that?


Melissa B. said...

So surprising, considering good-paying jobs are at such a premium in this nasty economy. PS: Hope all you Houstonians are weathering the flooding. Hey, I just created an unintended pun! Please make sure to come over & Share the Caption Love for Sx3 today!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Man, you work with all these loser dudes, don't you? (remembering the CO) And you and your female coworkers are so diligent.
My offer still stands: hire me as office boy and I will tell jokes, make coffee using spring water and plenty of quality coffee grounds, take out the trash and do the windows. In my swimming suit if you ladies prefer. My wife would not prefer, but I hear that Houston is hot. I can accomadate myself to it. I also make a rather good peanut butter sandwich AND triple chocolate cookies. And lastly? I would have no problem, NONE making this call for you:
"Hullo, this is Lynda's office boy, calling from Houston. Get yer damn shoes back on, brush your teeth or we are gonna OUTSOURCE your a$$."

g-man said...

From over here that is kinda funny. I do feel for you in your position however. I'd give you my cousin's name but she (and her hubby) already have jobs.

LOL @ Gary... I can just see him with one of those things in his ear making a PB&J and that phone call all at the same time.

Lynda said...

Gary, you are hired! Since you mentioned the swimsuit, that will now be a requirement. Woohoo!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

well, they say Houston is hot....
we had a hot weekend with sun (OH YAY!) and I have been mixing glazes outside this morning and cruelly it has gotten terribly cold, windy and rainy!

red dirt mule said...

Hi Lynda -

Too bad I'm not in Long Island - I NEED A JOB, pronto. And I already know I could tackle the job WITH my red dirt shoes on AND not watch TV. I don't even like TV. Staying awake?? not a prob. - Long Island traffic ?? could be a prob....

Hey Gary VEERRYY funny. I'm having a great giggle here. PB&J, a smashing swimsuit, and one of those blue tooth thingies ...



Ronnica said...

I've taken to taking off my shoes at work sometimes and walking around, but I never do it when cleints are here. Even so, our work is much more laid back, anyway!

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