Thursday, April 23, 2009

Five Friday Favorites - Designs

It's time for Five Friday Favorites! Our selection for this Friday is Designs.

If you choose to participate, please leave a comment here so we can find you.

Now, here are my Five Friday Favs:

1. Maps... I love the old hand-illustrated maps. I tried to find some examples of the nautical maps with sea monsters, mermaids, and various other depictions, but wasn't as successful as I had hoped (click to see larger).

2. I found myself finding designs in nature as I began my search. Did this face just "happen" or was it magnificently designed?

3. And how could I, as a bona fide seventh generation Texan, not include a photo of the Texas capitol rotunda? Now, isn't that just beautifully designed? Mmmm hmmmmmm... that's right ;-)

4. Shells... I had to pick more than one example. First, the lightning whelk (Texas State Shell) - I love this shell because I remember finding many each summer of my entire childhood. To find a whole one was a treasure and I keep one on both my desks to this date.

The interior of the nautilus shell is almost divine... the perfection is amazing

And the sea turtle shell is priceless. Now an endangered species, these shells were once used to make beautiful jewelry and adornments... I prefer it to stay on the turtle.

5. Finally, a simple braid. I don't know if there is a more beautiful design to me. Especially when it is on the head of a little one.

I look forward to seeing your five favorite designs...
Happy Friday!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OOOH! Rock on Lynda, magnificent! I am spreading the word!My entry is a bit more simple, five favorite sock designs! Although I am thinking of more possibitlities now....

Lynda said...

Gary - you rock with socks!

Michael Kline said...

Hi Lynda.

My thoughts on favorite designs concern my current preoccupation, building.

Here are my five favorite fastener designs:
1. 2" sheet rock screw- a real handy item. I once heard a potter who goes to third world countries for Potters for Peace say that he always takes his screw gun and a couple of boxes of screws!

2. 20d nail.
3. Velcro.
4. bungie cord.
5. duct tape.

All great designs/inventions.

♥georgie♥ said...

the capital rotunda is beautiful and i too like a pretty braid! enjoy your weekend

red dirt mule said...

Oh Lynda,

these are GREAT ~~!!!
i love all your designs - and see this progression of line patterns to spirals ..... oh i'm a sucker for spirals - the side shot of the dome is heavenly!! verrry beautiful.

the chambered nautilus has been a fascination for me since childhood as well as the seashells!

now i'm all about ammonites! and i remember the day i finally mastered the french braid on my own head! i wore it that way for years. well, until i bobbed my hair. i still do a loose, very very messy one with my red dirt mane .... heh.

the turtle shell is gooorgeous, sweetheart. fab fab fives here!

thank you for takin' a gander at my overload of 5 gardens! this is FUN !!!


Veggie Mom said...

I always thought that anyone who could do French braids possessed a gift from God. And I love all of these examples...especially the shells!

g-man said...

Very nice. I like old maps too. I love the detail in the old architecture.

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