Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's All Peachy

I am in Atlanta this evening. It felt weird to leave home after all the trauma of the past few days, but it kind of feels good, too.

My kid is out roaming the streets of Houston as she has done the last 2 nights. In fact, we haven't seen her much at all. There has been a ton of "spending the nights" going on.

I heard she popped into the house today to take a shower, but hasn't been seen since. I talked to her and she wanted to know if she could spend the night with Courtney at Holly's house.

She has to call Dad and clear it with him. He'll say, "yes."

I can't WAIT till school is back in session - too much freedom for these kids! Turn the lights on, please!

Oh, Atlanta... I haven't seen much of it yet. The airport is humongous. I got my rental car and headed up 85N which is where my meeting will be tomorrow...along the way, I passed downtown, complete with a building that has a HUGE peach on top of it. Cute, too!

They're taking us to a Braves game tomorrow night. As a die-hard Astros fan, this might be difficult, but I am going to do my best.

It will be kind of fun to sing that Indian song...and chop with tomahawk.

Maybe I'll find some ice cold Cokes in little bottles. Mmmm... doesn't that sound great??


gary rith said...

YOU LUCKY ducky going to a ball game....

Ronnica said...

Enjoy Atlanta. I remember driving through there last summer right by the airport and thinking, "I've been THERE a lot!" It was a weird feeling.

Wep said...

OOOH they give away free tiny bottled cokes at the end of the coke tour.

Also yes that building is super cute :) We were there a few months back :) :)

Have a georgia dog for me, they look vile but are SO yummy!

Kerrie said...

Shame you have to be there to work...!!!

Enjoy your little break my friend. I hope for you that school goes back soon (any idea when yet??). It had only just started, hadn't it..?? It seems like vacation has just come around extra quickly. I can just see Nicole loving the extra sleepovers and socialising time.

Veggie Mom said...

My oldest always checked in with us a lot when she was out "roaming." The youngest barely even says "goodbye" when she leaves the house! Well, they're both in college now, so they're on their own--this is the time in one's life when you hope you raised 'em right!

Melissa B. said...

Have fun out Hot-Lanta Way! The weather should be cooling off a tad, so hope you have a lovely stay. Are things back to normal in Houston? Sounds like poor Galveston is suffering, which is so sad! BTW, don't forget our Silly Sunday Sweepstakes tomorrow. Come on by and Share the Caption Love!

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