Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Like Ike?

No, I don't guess I do.

Looks like he's heading in our direction. Gary at The Potter's Blog asked if we were going to evacuate? Heck, no! (by the way, I am home from Oklahoma)

Not evacuating? No, no, no. We did this for Hurricane Rita - it took 9 hours to make a 2 hour trip and I had a teenager and an old lady in my car. Jerry, the poop, decided to ride it out at home.

Nothing happened. He had peace and quiet and we had trauma.

Now, I am VERY respectful of Mother I have mentioned before, I am a native, seventh-generation, Texan, so I fully understand the possibilities. We live enough inland (over 60 miles) that we don't feel threatened by rising waters, but more by rain, lightning, and winds. The worst part will be if the power goes out.

The power going out means NO AIR CONDITIONING in one of the hottest places on earth.

So, we're going to freeze some jugs of water to keep the freezer cool for as long as possible, fill the bathtubs with lots of water to be able to flush the potties, and stock up on non-perishable items for sustenance.
And today? It's sunny and humid - a normal Houston day.


georgie said...

Hope you stay safe-Ike should make it to Oklahoma Sunday or Monday bringing us more rain...I love a rainy day but if i wanted a full week of rain i would move to oh lets say seattle???

Kerrie said...

Stay safe and sustained...I remember you writing about Rita and the drama that she caused you.

Hope the power stays on.


Mrs. Who said...

Hope you all are safe. And you don't lose your ac. Really the most important thing!!

Ronnica said...

Stay safe! Sounds like you have a plan, which helps.

gary rith said...

yes, hugs---I wonder, do you have a little gas generator?
7th generation Texan, wowie!

Wep said...

Be careful :-(


Good luck! We live in Florida but inland, so usually the worst effects of the hurricanes for us are power outages, and UGH, they suck!

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