Friday, August 29, 2008


Man, leave your office two days and does the work pile up! It's not supposed to be like that right before a three-day weekend, but it is.

That's okay - five o'clock is within reason now, so I don't guess I'll die.

I was talking to one of my coworkers today - it seems we may have an assignment in Hawaii and one in Alaska. I, of course, volunteered for both.

Now, forget that we have people in California and Washington who could reach these destinations much more quickly than I can. The real issue here is air fare. Who knows? It's possible flights from Houston are more reasonable. Sure, it might require several layovers and long hours, but I am willing to sacrifice myself for the good of the company.

Truthfully, for work, I would rather go to Alaska. I have never been I think it would be the better venue for working than a tropical island. Plus, after my last post from Hell, someplace cold, even cold, sounds g-r-e-a-t!


gary rith said...

Oh yes, Alaska in September? Probably beautiful. Houston in January? Probably gorgeous.

Ronnica said...

"five o'clock is within reason now, so I don't guess I'll die."

They should TOTALLY put that on one of those motivation posters. Except you couldn't look at it before noon.

Mrs. Who said...

Haven't been to Hawaii but we LOVED Alaska. We went on a cruise there a couple of years ago and would like to go back and spend some time going inland to Denali Park and other areas. Some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen.

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