Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sleep Deprivation and Being A Rat

Weird subject, huh? It's mostly to remind myself about what I wanted to post today.

We'll start with sleep deprivation due to the OLYMPICS! (read that previous sentence in the same voice Forrest Gump used when he was letting Jenny's hippy boyfriend know she should go home to GREENBOW, ALABAMA!) I know I keep talking about the Olympics, but they have me completely sucked in. And, they wait until I know I should be in bed before Michael Phelps swims, but what do you do when Michael Phelps is swimming - watch, of course! Then, they go and show "women's" gymnastics.

There is absolutely no way all the Chinese "women" are 16. Have you seen the little one? She looks 10 (and that's being generous!). I have a 16 year old in my house. That child is not 16. Even Bela Karolyi thinks so and says so. It's a sad state to see a country go so far to win.

Look for yourselves:


Do they look even in the same age range to you???

Okay, so what's up with being a rat? (sigh) My boss called me yesterday...mind you, I am in Texas and my employer is in another state. It's just me and one other person in my office. He kind of wanted me to rat out my office mate.

It was deserved and needed to be said, but it still feels creepy doing it. Yet, things cannot be addressed if they aren't known. I just wish I wasn't the one to do the telling.

I did it. One thing I need to "say" out loud is our boss is fair and kind. This needed to be done. I just would've prefered not to do it. Oh well, it's over and maybe it will make a positive difference - that's what I am believing will happen.

If I find out, I'll let you know.

But STILL - are those girls SIXTEEN????


Ronnica said...

I totally hear you on the sleep deprivation thing! I usually enjoy living on the East Coast, but at times like this I would love to be anywhere west. I woke up this morning and debated about not going into work; now THAT'S bad.

It's so weird to see the Americans compete against the Chinese. It's like a women's team vs. a girl's team. I think it's pretty clear that at least one of the girls (but probably 3) are underage. You can't really trust government documents when it is the government who is wanting their team to win in the first place. I love how old documents say the one girl was born in 1993, but suddenly now she's born in 1992. Convenient, huh? I know that Chinese people tend to be smaller and mature later, but even experts say that several of these girls have the ears and chins of 12yos, not 16yos.

I look forward to seeing Shawn and Nastia dominate on Thursday! I'm sure it will be another late night...

Veggie Mom said...

I wish they'd put the swimming on before the other stuff! I'm having a hard time staying up to watch the events that I'm most interested in. But I also found out that MSNBC reruns some of the important events the next morning early, so it turns out I didn't miss much by going to bed early last nite! And I think the Chinese girls look like they're about 3!

Wep said...

I had that happen to me once too. No, someone didn't mistake me for a 10 year old. I was mistaken for a middle schooler on my first day of teaching, but I digress...

I once had to rat out a coworker. It's never an easy position. Had my boss been fair and kind I would have probably. But my boss was cold, calculating, and manipulative and there was nothing to rat on anyway.

I feel for you though. You did the right thing. In the presence of someone fair and kind, the truth will always do well.

gary rith said...

Ridiculous. The Chinese are playing some games here. The NY Times had a story Tuesday about the girl singing at the ceremonies, and it turns out she was the cute one lip synching and the real singer had done a recording..

Carmi said...

Been there with the ratting out a colleague scenario. It hurts, of course, but if said colleague really deserves a good ratting, it's all for the greater good.

The way I see it, someone who isn't pulling his/her weight is compromising MY career. So if he/she refuses to fix things, I'm not against having karma fix it on this person's behalf.

Ooh, that sounds mean. Not my intention. But all's fair in love, war and career management.

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