Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just When You Think...'s getting better, you get another surprise. Guess who got a speeding ticket?? Oh yes, the 16 year old.

She wasn't TRYING to speed, it just happened.

Consequences? Oh yeah. She's paying the ticket out of her savings and will work to reimburse the increase in insurance. If she gets another one, the car goes in storage for 2 - 3 months.

Whew, Buddy, there was a LOT of crying and apologizing around here this morning.

The first decision was to ground her from the car and we had every intention of doing so, but with proper remorse and saying of the right things (and this is a BIG step for this kid due to her background, etc...), we are giving a "second chance" of trust.

Now, we wait and see.


Ronnica said...

I was never the kind of teenager to get a speeding ticket. In fact, I regularly drove 5 miles under the speed limit until my senior year. Even though I drive faster than that now, I still have never been pulled over.

I'm glad that you are showing her grace, yet making her reap what she sowed. Hopefully she'll learn her lesson!

Melissa B. said...

Hang in there, Mom! Good idea to try out the Trust Factor. You know she'll do the right thing next time, if you trust her. Ella Numera Una had a couple too many tickets her senior year, and had to go to driving school. That cured her, I'll tell ya! BTW, come join us for some insane fun tomorrow, with my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes!

Wep said...

I remember my first one. Late for first day of student teaching and I accidently speed through not one, not two but three SCHOOL ZONES. OY. I was in tears, it did not help at all.

Great job with the discipline though :)

gary rith said...

Listen, I often feel bad for people on my road (35 mph) who get tickets. Truckers go flying by, never slowing from 55 as they go through the village, but it is always some young woman doing 40 who gets pulled over. I do it every day without thinking, and I am a careful driver(no tickets since 1991)--sometimes you think you are going slower than you really are.
BUT, for a young driver? Maybe she will see this as an exepensive lesson, not worth repeating?

Jennifer H said...

Ouch! I remember my first ticket too. It hit me hard.
That's cute that she "said all the right words" to you guys. I'm glad she "has another shot."

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