Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, Tropical Storm Edouard (he never got his winds up enough to be a "real" hurricane) made his way to the Texas Gulf Coast and let me have a half day off.

He came, rained, and went.

So, it's back to work, the sun is shining, white, puffy clouds are floating by, and the humidity is about 94%.

Talk about a bad hair day! Of course, most days ARE bad hair days for me.


Ronnica said...

I love your comment about the flip flop. My mom said the same thing when we started wearing them in high school (they became popular my senior year). I must admit, I thought it was weird at first and felt naked. But now, I love, love, love them! You've got to love fashionable footwear that costs less than $5, can get to match any outfit, and allows you to show off your feet!

And to your comment about getting in "target-rich environment" you are TOTALLY right. That is something I'm working on. Summer just isn't the best time, because everyone is out and about. I'm going to try to attend more social engagements (as much as that stretches me!) and be more open when I do (though I don't like to admit it, there are eligible guys at school and church). I will still babysit though, because the extra money goes a long way with this poor student!

gary rith said...

Eeek! You got soaked and now 94% humidity? I hope you have a shady yard. Probably 92% humid here today, but, um, only 75 comfy degrees. My hair, however, is wicked curly. I will be complaining in February, though about the grey skies and cold and you will be living it up.

linda said...

Let's not even talk about what it would do to my hair...not a pretty picture!

Glad you're all ok!

Janet said...

Me and humidity just don't mix so I'd be miserable in 94%!! We have high temps here but usually low humidity. I'm glad the storm wasn't much to deal with and you're all safe.

Kerrie said...

I hear you on the curls turn to frizz on high humidity days...the ponytail is my friend then.

Glad Edouard didn't amount to anything more than a big rain storm...I remember you writing about evacuating just as your girl came to live with you...what an eventful week or two that was.

Melissa B. said...

I know this sounds silly, but I'm a tad jealous! We REALLY need the rain around here, and a tropical storm might be the right prescription! Glad you're safe, although wet. And sorry about the humidity--we've got it bad here, too, but still no rain! Please pop on over--I've got a cool contest going on. I've never tried it before, and could use your support!

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