Monday, August 11, 2008

School, Please Start!

I can't wait till school starts! It's not that I don't want to spend time with my daughter. We don't - she's "out" with her friends. Evidently, her friends' houses are cooler than ours - because we're not in them.

She just pushes the limits on every, single thing. "Be home at 10:00pm," I say. At 9:50pm, the phone rings, and she says, "Mom, can I please be home at 10:30 - Courtney is going out of town next week and this is the very last time we can hang out until school starts?"

Sounds reasonable - after all, she's 16, she's being polite, asking, etc.... except she and Courtney have been together since 2pm! Sheesh!

Structure and routines. I need them. Now.

Okay, and to veer WAY off-topic. Did you love that swimming relay race or what???

I admit it, I am an Olympic junky. I mean, I LOVE the Olympics. If I start watching, I can't stop.

Swimming, diving, gymnastics, volleyball, doesn't matter. I was reading on one of my regular blog reads that this particular person was not pleased that NBC is slanted toward the USA. Bummer. Gotta' say that it seems to me each country WOULD slant toward their own country. I can't really imagine that I would go to Japan and find all the coverage slanted toward anyone but the Japanese. That's their market.

Marketing 101 - appeal to your market. I want to see what my teams are doing. Don't you?


Ronnica said...

I'm definitely an Olympics junkie too. And why wouldn't the American coverage of the game be slanted to America? I see no problem with the anchors and sports announcers rooting for and highlighting our teams. If there was only one broadcast of the Olympics worldwide that would be different.

On what I said on my blog about world peace, I didn't say it was unattainable, just that it isn't HUMANLY attainable. Without God's help, there's no hope.

gary rith said...

Oh, um, I sorta find myself looking ahead to football season, actually!

Bobbi said...

Ah - my started started back to school last Monday. I finally have my house back!

Bobbi said...

Hey Lynda, I'm an insomniac, so I don't sleep much. That's the only way I have time for so much writing! Thanks for visiting my site!

Wep said...

While I may have some redeeming qualities, I'm afraid I'm pulling your daughter's stunts...well sort of. I have to go on a business trip next week so I'm doing the "But it's the last Monday I'm home before I leave for SC, I should totally get to hog the TV and watch Becoming Jane"

Although I am in bed by ten :) When she's older she'll regret the missed sleep.

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