Monday, June 30, 2008

I Work In A Movie

Sure, you think. How can that be? She just wants a catchy title for another post. No, no, no.... something is going on in the area in which I work. Today, I went to my office, got there on time, went on up to the 6th floor, entered the office and commenced working. Nothing unusual here - this is NORMAL.

At 11:00am I went to lunch with friend and upon returning. (Ok... I am going to stop here and set up the scene. My building is a six-story glass building. The front of the building faces a vacant lot and a post office directly across the street. The street has road bumps to keep people from driving too fast as there are schools further up the road. Okay, and behind the lot and post office is a large, well-maintained cemetery. Actually, it's the "happening" cemetery right now. You know how they wax and wane over the years, right? Alrighty...keep going further out past the cemetery, you have one of the most "happening" streets in Houston. Oh yeah, I am in the 4th largest city in America, so it's not like we just stepped into an episode of Northern Exposure)

Upon returning, I entered the building via the back entrance and walked to the elevators, which are right up front. Like I said, this is a glass building... immediately out the front doors, on the steps, is a woman, who looks incredibly like a man dancing. Not in a cute, Ellen Degeneres kind of way, just dancing. No iPod, nothing. Just dancing.

Okay, now on the edge of vacant lot across the street and facing the post office is a young man juggling three lime green juggling jugs - what do you call those bowling pin juggling things? He's really good!

Some sort of water line has broken and water is spewing out of the corner between the lot and post office (it was still flowing when I left at 5pm).

So, I looked to the right, and from up the street, comes a very large one-legged woman in a wheelchair scooting towards the post office. She was just going over a speed bump when I saw her. She wasn't wheeling the chair - she COULD - I saw her do it, but she was just pulling herself along with her whole leg.

What happened in that one hour?


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