Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sex & The City

Yes, I know, I am way later than everyone else and am probably the last Sex & The City fan who has seen the motion picture, but I did. Today. I went with my best friend and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

There have been varying reviews and I can see the validity of those that weren't so favorable, but they weren't factoring in what made it good for me.

What is it, you wonder? If you don't want to know the ending, quit reading now. Ok, the factor for me is the ends got tied up even more nicely than they did at the end of the series. And for fans, we all want the happy endings....

...we want Dorothy to get home from OZ even though we loved her adventures while she was there.
...we want George Bailey to understand one "common" life has far-reaching meaning.
...we want Ebenezer Scrooge to realize that even he, Mr. Bah Humbug, has a heart and can find the Spirit of Christmas down inside it.
...and we want Forrest and Jenny to really be like "peas and carrots."

Yep, Charlotte had a baby, Miranda and Steve are truly happy (now), Samantha was true to herself, and Carrie is now Mrs. Big.


Veggie Mom said...

Linda: Pop'rs encourage my teens to Eat Their Veggies--you should try 'em on yours! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Don't forget--to enter the contest, please post info on the Pop'rs contest on your blog, too. And don't forget to send your info to, so we can FedEx the Pop'rs to you if you win. Good Luck!

Givinya De Elba said...

Hi Lynda, Glad you like my blog, and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I'm honoured!

Having read your post, I think SATC sounds interesting. I've always wasted so much time on the computer I haven't had any time left over to waste on the TV, but maybe I should try watching something once in a while.


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