Sunday, June 15, 2008


(my dad)

I am so fortunate to still have my dad with me. He'll be 73 in November, but I just don't think he looks it.

He certainly doesn't ACT it - he's extremely active and always on the go. Since retiring, he's lived on Grand Cayman Island, started a new career on the island, retired again, remarried to a wonderful woman, and has traveled around the world (literally), has a house on a lake near Houston and a ranch (complete with longhorns and a horse) not far from the lake.

Oh, they just got a little place in Riudose, New Mexico to escape the heat.

He wears me out with all he's got going on as a retired person.

Oh, and on top of all that, he's always "there" for us. Dad isn't, to be truthful, the best communicator when it comes to feelings, but we know. And that's good enough.

Today will be Jerry's 3rd Father's Day. He's a really good dad to our daughter.

Our daughter, however, is spending the night at a friend's house... wonder when she'll come home to spend Father's Day with her dad?

I'll let ya' know.

(nicole's dad)


i am very mary said...

Hey, you're a winner! Please send your email to maryann(at)averymarydesign(dot)com and I'll send off your earrings! woohoo!

Trailboss said...

You are so lucky to still have your Dad. I lost mine in 1999 and miss him every day.

Came to your blog via PW's site.

Nice to meet you!

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