Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Car Dealers - Ugh

I bought a new VW Beetle in May. Because I opted for a program called, "Driver's Option," it seems to be freaking out the dealer.

This plan is like a lease - I have 48 payments (under $300.00), then a balloon note. At the end of the term, I can turn in the car and walk away or refinance and keep it. But, it's NOT a lease. Well, my dealer hasn't done one of these in 2 years (so they say) and can't get my contract correct. This, in turn, means I don't have plates, which I need to get my toll tag so I can drive on the toll roads without having to carry around tons of quarters.

I have had to turn into mega-bitch (not too difficult) and I keep running into a "it is what it is" attitude.

On my way home I called VW Credit - they're going to get right on it - 'bout time!

Okay, enough about that. Want to hear a funny car dealer story?

When I was going to college I had a part time job on the switchboard at a car dealership. There were two of us working switchboard. Needless to say we were young, smart, and locked in a room with sophisticated (for the time) equipment.

Anyway, we managed to get on the same line and dial in like we were calling from outside and rang the service department.

In an Oriental accent, I asked for the service manager and told him my husband didn't speak English, but when he got home with our car, there was a raccoon in the trunk and we wanted them to come get it because it was loose in the garage and scaring the kids.

He kept asking our name and I would say something he couldn't understand. Then I would keep saying, "My husband says you have to come get it" and whenever they would answer, we'd start the cycle all over.

It was so funny afterwards - the whole service department was talking about it, paging people, etc...

Big fun in the switchboard.

The best prank was hooking up two Chinese restaurants - each thought the other called them, but they didn't. We would look for places named, East China and North China and let them at each other while we listened.... "You called me" "No, you called me"

We were easily amused. Can't really pull phone pranks these days. Did you have a favorite way back when?


Trailboss said...

I could fill a huge page with what I used to do at age 20. I worked for the phone company in the centralized repair division. Of course this was in the late 70's so there was no such thing as caller ID. I would keep a list daily of ppl that were rude to me, I mean really rude and at night I would prank call them. Over and over again. Needless to say had I ever been caught I would have been fired in a heartbeat!

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