Friday, January 8, 2010

Starting Fresh

Okay, I know it's been a LONG time since I blogged. Facebook has gotten hold of me and I seem to be trapped there, but am finding I am missing longer, more thoughtful posts. So, no commitments to daily posts, but I can start anew in 2010.

That brings me to a quick wrap-up of 2009. If you have visited me before, you already know the majority of this will be kid-related. When you insert MY kid into that sentence, it would really be drama-related. Let's see... since last we spoke, all report cards have been really good. That's a cool thing.

Miss Priss seems to have relinquished the over-burning desire for a boyfriend at all costs for a few minutes. She is happily esconced in her friend's drama right now. She has a new best friend - Shelly. Marine was on leave the 2 weeks of Christmas break and Shelly informed her parents she would be spending the entire 2 weeks in a hotel with Mr. Marine. Her parents, of course, were adamant she would NOT do such a thing, but she did. It seems 17 is that "twilight" age in Texas - the kids can leave, but the parents can't do much to get them back, however, the kids can come back and the parents have to take them. I know, I know... this is a rambling story.

Let's get back to it... she left, she stayed the 2 weeks, and when the 2 weeks was up, her parents wouldn't let her back home. Well, they would with these conditions: Give up Mr. Marine. Give up your cell phone (the one he bought and pays for). Give up your friend (my child). She has to give up my daughter because Miss Priss does not encourage her to leave Mr. Marine.

Why these parents expect my minor to have more sense than their minor, is starting to get my goat! These girls believe in the fairy tale romance, etc...and think Mr. Marine is like Richard Gere in "An Officer and A Gentleman" and he might just swoop in and carry Shelly out the door to a new and wonderful life (ugh! as if!).

Anyway, the parents were refusing shelter until she met all the stipulations above. I know I would be as angry as they, but they aren't leaving this kid any wiggle room. Personally, I would've grounded her for two weeks, restricted phone use, and tried to get some counseling for the kid.

It got to the point where another mom and I had to call Shelly's mom and tell her we weren't raising her kid and she needed to make something happen. She refused, so we decided to tell Shelly she couldn't stay with us either. She ended up with a 3rd friend and got some sort of bug. They called her parents and she is home as of yesterday.

They took her to the doctor - respiratory infection - her parents made her stay home from school yesterday and today, plus the weekend. Miss Priss is worried she might never have her best friend back.

So... that's the lastest drama update here.


Wheezer said...

Wow! That's a lot of drama! Hope your 2010 is quieter. Welcome back!

linda said...

Reading this brought back flashbacks from my kids not to long ago! The drama was always something awful. I don't miss it one bit!

linda said...

P.S. Does make you think that Marine isn't a good guy. Any decent boy would have not wanted to cause such drama between his little drama queen and her parents.

Lynda said...

Oh, I think the Marine is WAY out of line. No matter what, she's a minor!

Betty said...

Hey Linda!
I think it´s great you´re back! I´ll have to add you on fb, so I can keep up with you that way. Is that ok with you?
If you check my blog, you´ll see I´m really busy right now too, but soon I´ll have more time to comment.
Take care of that girl of yours!

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