Monday, January 25, 2010

After the Drama

Okay... whew... hold on.

The girls did NOT meet at the mall... careful engineering by the Engaged one. But, Miss Engaged dumped both Nicole and Chelsea to hang out with her "only a friend" named Scott. Scott is not the fiancee. In fact, fiancee, Marine, would probably not be happy with this "friendship."

Wellllllllll, Saturday was New Best Friend's birthday party at her house. NBF's mom informed her that Miss Engaged was not welcome in their home (after all the previous drama). So, the girls must find a way to tell her. Eventually, Chelsea got the nerve to tell Michelle, whereupon, Michelle informed Miss Priss that Chelsea was a "retarded liar."

Miss Engaged was REALLY angry that she isn't welcome at Chelsea's home, but expects Miss Priss to understand and not be angry that Miss Priss isn't welcomed at HER home.

Sooooooo... this means Miss Engaged was not allowed to come to New Best Friend's birthday party, but there was a lot of texting going on which led to an all-out fight over the texting airwaves.

My kiddo is playing Switzerland throughout the whole process. She still wants to be friends with Miss Engaged, but I don't understand why.

This left Miss Priss and New Best Friend having a great weekend.

And for something completely non-related: The boy across the street has commenced flirting with Miss Priss. Previously, she dismissed his attentions as he was "like a brother" to her. Seems that is no longer the case. We'll see.


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