Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can You Get TOO Much Drama?

No! Of course not!

The drama now is rather mild. This is all-girl drama. A third "best friend" has entered the inner sanctum and jealousies are flaring up all over the place. It seems Miss Engaged (Michelle) is not happy that Miss Priss (Nicole) is friends with New Best Friend (Chelsea), so accusations and rumors are flying all over.

Things like, "Chelsea's parents don't like you and don't want you at their house," "Chelsea really doesn't like Michael - he's too clingy," etc.... Of course Miss Engaged is saying New Best Friend is saying all this stuff. Miss Priss is believing Miss Engaged.

Miss Priss calls New Best Friend to "confront" her about all these accusation. New Best Friend denies it all. Miss Priss gets New Best Friend and Miss Engaged to agree to meet at the mall to hash it all out after school.

After all the plans are in place, Miss Engaged has Miss Priss also believing New Best Friend won't be able to "lie" when they are all there together.

WELL....evidently, New Best Friend told her mom all this and her mom called me today to let me know that Miss Priss is most assuredly liked and allowed in their home. Seems Miss Engaged must be the jealous culprit and the instigator of issues.

Hmmm... will the truth come out at the mall? The mall is, after all, where one would go to mediate issues. They DO have a food court.

My guess? Miss Engaged will retain her powers and put a spin on everything and the Gullibles will buy the story.

I'll let you know.


linda said...

The tangled webs they weave! I'll be curious how this one pans out!

My daughter is in college and there's still girl drama! There's always ONE roommate who doesn't fit the bill! I say grow up already!

Betty said...

Love it! It´s like reading a soap opera and reminds me so much of my girls.
Can´t wait for part II....

MissKris said...

It's so nice to see you blogging again. Welcome back!

katesafterthoughts said...

Well hello my old blogging friend! This is Katie from RitchinLove.
I have a new blog. Come see me!

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