Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bowling Like Golf

I went bowling yesterday with three of my best friends from high school. High school, people, high school!

We graduated in 1977, so they are probably my oldest pals. We've decided to get together every other month or so and stay connected. So, what does that have to do with golf?

Well, we all bowled like we were trying to obtain a great golf score. I won the first game with 109 points. I completely lost the second one with a score of 65. 109 was the high score of the day.

Afterwards, we went for lunch and adult beverages.

I'll tell you about my friends later - for now, I am off and running!

We're going to the theatre in December. No scoring involved.


Melissa B. said...

Well, you're a WONDERFUL writer, and no scoring is involved in that, either. Unless, of course, I'm grading your paper! I'm guessing you didn't check the comments box from your previous post-you've got a fanTAbulous award over at my place, that's just languishing because you haven't picked it up yet! And, BTW, it's Sunday again! Don't forget my Silly Sunday Sweepstakes-you always have something funny to say!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

1977! Feels like yesterday!

MissKris said...

My best friend Lizzee and I go back to 1967 so we've got you beat by 10 years, ha! I am the absolute LOUSIEST bowler in the world. The last time I went was around 6 years ago, and previously to that it was probably 30 years ago! Ugh. Not my 'sport' of choice, that's for sure. I always get humiliated, hahaha!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

sounds nice and something to look forward to every other month.

linda said...

Old friends are just the best aren't they!!

I love bowling! My parents took us on Sundays after church and I've even been on a few bowling leagues in my day...too fun!

Wep said...

I used to bowl with the husband, but I gave that up years ago. Hard to be in a bowling league when your best score is a 105.

Ritch in Love said...

Sounds like my friends. We graduated in 96. We have remained friends ever since. Many of us have moved away or get caught up in life, but once a quarter we get together. Last year all of the girls (I had to work and had my stepkids for spring break) went to Hawaii to celebrate our 30th birthday year.

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