Thursday, February 19, 2009

When You're Ready To Go're ready to go! No, not THAT....sheesh!

We're moving our office to a bigger one down the hall which is currently occupied. Well, sort of occupied...I talked to the business owner yesterday and all of his employees now telecommute, so no need for the big space.

He has a geology-based company. The biggest geode (full of beautiful amethyst) I have ever seen is sitting inside the doorway - it's about 5'7" and gorgeous. Anyway, he has a fantastic conference room table, 10 chairs, 4 cubicles, 2 desk chairs,a refrigerator, a leather sofa, and some various desks.

This owner is ready to go! He's selling us all the stuff listed above for $50.00 each or less. He just doesn't want to move it. Good deal for us :-)

MAJOR COLONEL UPDATE: People... while I was typing the above, the Big Cheese called the Colonel. The Colonel got up and closed his door, but...he doesn't know we can hear EVERYTHING. He was screaming (oh, yes) at the Big Cheese telling him he doesn't like being treated this way. Why was he being monitored? Why doesn't Big Cheese appreciate all he did for him in the past?

We couldn't, of course, hear the other end of the conversation, but after a pause, we hear the Colonel say the following, "If you want me to go, tell me to go! I hate sales, I'm not happy, don't like it one bit, but I am NOT quitting!"

More talking back and forth and then some phone slamming.

He's still here, but.....he might be READY TO GO!

We'll see!!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

so you get the 5' 7" geode for 50 bucks????? Prop it up at the CO's desk, I bet it would be a MUCH BETTER salesman!!!! A rock!
The CO won't quit 'cause he wants to be fired, take unemployment and then play golf this spring.
My guess is that he is sh!tcanned this week.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

ps--whatever work you do in this office, and I have no idea, it would be funfunfun to work with you, so you outta hire me to replace the CO---I am charming, make GREAT coffee from clean springwater and would be better than either the rock or the CO.......
but then again, I like being self-employed....

Ronnica said...

You get the geode? How random is that?

Sounds like the new office is nice. Oh, and possibly colonel-free?

Your description of the geode, "about 5'7" and gorgeous," sounds like it could be a description of a lady.

Lynda said...

lol - the geode (value approx: $5000.00) is not for sale! Gary, you're hired :-))

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