Thursday, February 5, 2009


Thanks to Betty, I am "lifting" this meme...


I live: in Texas! Doesn't get much better than that ;-)

I work: for an amazing company!

I smell: fantastic! Find my perfume and just give it a whiff: Il Bacio

I listen: to various kinds of music

I hide: from solicitors

I walk: in a park near our home

I write: better than I thought I could at times

I sing: because I love it, but wish I had a better voice

I can: crochet

I watch: some movies over and over again

I daydream: of traveling to various places

I want: my daughter to focus and find purpose in her life

I cry: so easily.

I read: a lot! I love books.

I love: my family

I rode: an elephant

I sometimes: go off by myself. I love alone-time.

I fear: something bad happening to my husband, daughter, or pets

I hope: I never quit learning

I eat: more than I should

I play: the piano

I miss: my grandmother more than I could express here

I forgive: but, sometimes not as quickly as I should

I drive: the cutest little cream-colored VW Beetle you ever saw :-)

I lost: my high school class ring

I dream: often, but rarely "wild" dreams... usually some kind of conversation....

I kiss: often :-D

I hug: even more

I have: the best of friends

I remember: so many things... "looking" at a full eclipse and I will probably go blind one day (that's what they told us), watching Neil Armstrong hop onto the moon, my first dog's many sets of puppies... and more, more, more

I don't: want to let life just slip by without being fully present

I believe: in God

I owe: so much to my parents

I know: that I have so much more to learn

I hate: how easily my buttons can get pushed

I wish: I could change some things in the past

I wear: black pants a lot

My ex: whoa - that's too long ago

People would say that I'm: intense

I don't understand: why people to be "right" so often

Life is full of: surprises!

My past is: exactly as it should be... I am happy my life unfolded the way it has

I get annoyed when: people act stupid

Parties are: wonderful at times and overrated at others

Tomorrow: is Friday - and that's always good!

Never in my life have I: gone skinny-dipping and I don't foresee this in the future, either.

When I was younger, I: thought I would be famous some day

When I was 5: I climbed a ladder with an umbrella so I could jump off and fly like Mary Poppins.

My life is not complete without: my doggies

If you visit my hometown: you'd have a blast!

The world could do without: whiners

If I ever go back to school: I would love to learn how to cut gems

Now, how about you??


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh Lynda, this is good, and why are we not visiting you this cold week?????? You are SUCH a total VW lady, that is the cutest thing....

Anonymous said...

wow!!! lots of fun facts about you! i used to own a bright yellow VW Beetle...i had it the first year they came out while i was in college...loved it! we had to trade it in for a more 'family' type car...ARG!

i have enjoyed my visit!

~~~a fellow SITSta!

Betty said...

This was great! Love your car! And that last one is pretty unusual!
You sound like an interesting person!

Nancy said...

Hi Lynda, That was a different Meme..I haven't ever seen that one. I want to thank you for stopping by during my SITS spotlight. Please come back anytime. Blessings, Nancy

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I wuv your little doggy. Just copied and did this I thing, thanks Lynda!

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