Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jumbled Up

Isn't it a nice day! The sun is shining, it's about 50 degrees right now (it's 8:30am) and the temperature is to go up to 70 today. With, the best of all, low humidity.

For those of you who never have to face the humidity factor, low humidity is good!

The Colonel is in. Said a tree limb that had been loosened from Hurricane Ike was wrenched free from the storm we had the other night. The limb is responsible for yesterday's lack of power that left him unable to "secure the house." He also reported it was all corrected by 10:30am. He never made it in. It was a good day for me and Wendy.

I looked in my purse and there is a roll of Lifesavers in there. I haven't SEEN a roll of Lifesavers in years. What I really need to know is how it got there! Of course, my family thinks I am a pack mule... everything ends up in my purse. Well, the Lifesavers are mine now.

Here's something interesting. As you know, I am in Houston. Fourth largest city in United States. Not far from my office building is another, taller office building. Buzzards have adopted the roof of this building to be their nesting ground. I can look out and see dozens of buzzards slowly circling around this high-rise. They teach their babies how to fly from here.

Birds are amazing, really. We have a mockingbird that has hung around our house for a couple of years now. He always sits in the same place. When it's cold, he puffs himself up. He's used to us now and won't fly off when we come out on the patio.

And they sing like nothing else on earth! Man, oh man, I love my mockingbirds.
Have a great day, friends :-)


g-man said...

I have a hard time throwing anything away.

Nice bird pictures!! My wife's old office overlooked a ledge of her building where the turkey buzzards would mate. Joy.

LOL @ the Col. He sounds really lazy.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh, you have to love birds. When Penny and I walk at midday to the playground, through the snow all winter, there is a small stream and stretch of woods at the far end. Everything in the north is either snowy white or grey in winter, but along that stream are at least 5 pairs of Cardinals. At midday they seem most active, even on very cold days, chattering and eating berries and flying around. A real colorful miracle!

Melissa B. said...

We have warm weather today, but are expecting snow tomorrow. I MISS TEXAS! When are the bluebonnets expected? And how do you keep that mockingbird from pecking you to death? They're so mean!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

DO life savers ever go bad? as long as they were lint free.

Blog Buddy said...

I love reading your posts about life in Houston. My hubby and I met in Sugarland-1984. We're celebrating our 22nd anniversary next week...and I kinda wish we were back in Texas:)

tara @ kidz said...

Aaaaah.... I love to hear a bird sing, especially this time of year!

I know the feeling with the Life Savers. I'm always finding things in my purse and wonder when/how they got there! But if I'm ever looking for something in particular.... can't find it! How does it always work that way? ;o)

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