Friday, February 26, 2010

Teen Updates

Oh, the world has spun around again! Miss Priss and Miss Engaged are now sworn enemies.

Frankly, I couldn't be happier. Miss E is bad news. And we don't need no stinkin' bad news at our house.

Subject switch: Our little Shih Tzu, Georgi, just had two discs removed Wednesday. She's a trooper and can already stand, but we make her lie back down. I can't tell you how horrible it is to hear your little pet screaming in agony. But, that should be relieved now - we just have to get through the surgery recovery process.

Back to first subject: Senior pics are being taken tomorrow - all outdoors. I am really looking forward to this. So is Miss Priss as her hair got dramatically more blonde yesterday. Oh, yes it did.

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